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Bubble Bump Singapore is the largest and most reputable bubble soccer provider in Singapore. We have organized more than 3,000 bubble soccer events for team building, cohesion, gatherings and birthday parties. We provide over 10 different Bubble Soccer gameplay that enhances team building and fosters cohesion too!

Our Bubble Soccer games are safe and suitable for both kids and adults, guaranteeing lots of laughter and bumping amongst friends and colleagues! We cater to all types of Bubble Soccer events such as corporate team building, school cohesions, parties, gatherings, carnivals and more. We also offer food catering, prizes, game fixtures and event management to create a fun and enjoyable Bubble Soccer event for you!

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  • Biggest and Most Reputable Bubble Soccer Company in Singapore
  • Over 3000 Bubble Soccer Events Serving Over 100,000 Happy Clients
  • Only Company in Singapore With Waterproof Foam-Padded Straps
  • Numerous Near MRT Locations Across Singapore
  • Over 60 Professionally Trained Facilitators
  • Over 10 Variations of Bubble Soccer Games
  • Over 100 Kids & Adults Bubble Soccer Suits
  • Worked with a diverse clientele ranging from shopping malls, multinational corporations, SMEs, government agencies to universities, schools and consumers

Our Bubbles, Our Pride

Quality Bubbles

We offer the highest quality Bubble Soccer Suits for our clients. Safety checks are conducted before every Bubble Soccer game round to provide clients an enjoyable Bubble Soccer experience. Our Bubble Soccer Suits are made of a thicker material which is 10 times more durable as compared to industry standards.

Clean Bubbles Icon

Clean Bubbles

We ensure that hygiene and maintenance standards are met for all our Bubble Soccer games. We are the only Bubble Soccer provider in Singapore to use custom-designed sweat proof straps to ensure cleanliness. Our Bubble Soccer suits are maintained daily and cleaned after ever game round to provide a clean and enjoyable Bubble Soccer experience for our clients.

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Comfortable Bubbles

Similar to a huge backpack, our Bubble Soccer suits are made of quality, lightweight material, and two shoulder straps. Our bubble soccer straps are also foam padded with 20% extra air cushion to ensure maximum comfort for our clients.

Bubble Soccer Singapore Team


Bubble Bump Singapore consists of a team of passionate and dedicated individuals who love to create fun and memorable Bubble Soccer experiences for all our clients. We constantly push the boundaries of creativity and innovation to deliver the most exciting Bubble Soccer experiences and concepts in the world. We aim to bring boundless fun, laughter and enjoyment in all our Bubble Soccer events for team building, cohesion, birthday parties and gatherings.
Bubble Bump Singapore has a team of over 60 instructors. Our events’ facilitators are hand-picked and have undergone extensive experience training and certified by master trainers who are MOE registered instructors and possess the Values and Principles in Sports (VPS) certification endorsed by Sport Singapore. Our core instructors are also First-Aid, CPR and AED certified to ensure enjoyable and safe Bubble Soccer events experience for all participants.

Our Packages

Casual Fun Games

Sick and tired of all the boring activities in Singapore? Be prepared to experience the wackiest, exhilarating and crazy Bubble Soccer time with your friends and colleagues.

Birthday Parties

Looking for a unique celebration to remember for many years to come? Throw the best ever perfect Bubble Soccer birthday party!

Team Building / Cohesion Packages

Participants can get to experience different Bubble Soccer gameplay, from highly entertaining physical Bubble Soccer games to exciting strategic Bubble Soccer games that challenge the mind.

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