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Bubble Bump Singapore believes in bonding through the power of play. We deliver fun Bubble Soccer team building activities to excite, motivate and inspire people.  We believe that play promotes teamwork and communication which translates into effectiveness at work. Our Bubble Soccer team building games create fun and memorable experiences, which enhances the way participants face new challenges opportunities.

The participants can get to experience different Bubble Soccer gameplay, from highly entertaining physical Bubble Soccer games to exciting Bubble Soccer strategic games that challenge the mind.  Our various team building games focus on achieving the different Bubble Soccer team building objectives and outcomes through different Bubble Soccer gameplay, giving the participants a holistic learning and bonding opportunity. 

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Bubble Bump Singapore is the one-stop Bubble Soccer solution for all your team building needs!

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  • Bus Transport
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What is the typical game format and how are participants allocated into teams?

Participants will be divided into teams of 5 players each. Each Bubble Soccer game round allows up to 10 pax to take part in a 5 vs 5 formats (i.e. 2 teams playing at once), lasting about 5-10 mins. Teams will take turns playing one another. Based on our experience conducting numerous events, this is the ideal format which will allow participants sufficient rest time in-between Bubble Soccer game rounds.

What do the rest of the participants do while waiting?

All our unique Bubble Soccer games and activities are both exciting to play and entertaining to watch. Participants will enjoy watching and cheering their friends/colleagues who are playing the game. We specially designed each game-play experience to ensure minimum waiting time per team and allow for quick team turnaround.

How many participants can you accommodate?

With numerous partner locations across Singapore, we can secure a location for your event regardless of the number of participants. We are the biggest Bubble Soccer provider in Singapore with over 3000 event experience and over 100 adults & kids bubbles.

Are you registered under Ge-Biz?

Yes,we are registered under Vendors@Gov and GeBiz to ensure you a hassle-free process.

Do you offer corporate team building packages?

Yes we do! We offer all types of team building packages, ranging from a simple 1-hour Bubble Soccer package to even complex Bubble Soccer full-day packages. Let us know your requirements! Our friendly team of Bubble Soccer event experts will review your request and should send you a personal response within 24 hours.

Can I bring my own food or catering to your partners’ locations?

Yes, you can! However, for the majority of our partners’ locations, cleaning fee applies for catering or for any food being brought into the venue space. For more information, contact us now.

What does each basic game package include?

Each Bubble Soccer game package includes 10 equipment sets and 2 facilitators. 

How long in advance should I confirm the event?

ASAP or preferably at least 7 working days prior to event day to ensure that we are able to reserve the equipment and venue space for you. Venue booking will be based on a first-come-first-serve basis and subject to availability.

Will there be any additional cost if I were to bring more friends/colleagues?

No, there will not be any additional cost. Our Bubble Soccer game packages are charged on a per-hour basis instead of a per pax rate. 1 hour of Bubble Soccer gameplay typically accommodates up to 20 pax to take part (where teams take turns playing and rotate with one another). There will be no additional cost if you bring more friends/colleagues (unless otherwise stated).

Can I decide to extend the event on the day itself?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept last-minute extensions, because we are required to book the venue and to inform the facilitators in advance. This is also to minimize any possible disruptions to our operations that might affect your or our other clients’ Bubble Soccer event experience.


“Our experience with The Fun Empire is an interesting and fun experience with lots of interaction! My division was happy with the activity and it allowed staff who don’t normally interact to get to know each other better!

The booking process was fast and efficient with helpful staff that helped to plan the activity to my needs. I will definitely recommend the game to others! “

 Loreal Singapore

L’Oréal Singapore Merlyn

” Our experience with The Fun Empire turned out to be really fun! This is definitely a good quick and effective exercise for such a huge group of us. There was also sufficient emphasis on the safety of the game during the briefing and the facilitators were all very professional.

The booking process was relatively easy and efficient as well! The Fun Empire even accomodated our last minute change in timing. I will definitely recommend it to my friends and colleagues! “

Deloitte & Touche LLP Phyllis

“Bubble Bump Soccer and Bubble Bump Invasion really let us know better about our colleagues and how to communicate and strategise with them! Kaboom was a good, relaxing activity that all personnel of all ages can do.”

Micron Renung Kinanthi

“Bubble Bump is a first of its kind with an interesting twist to a sporting event. It’s great team bonding experience but at the same time extremely exhausting. Booking with Bubble Bump was really fast and efficient with plenty of flexibility in dates and number of participants too! Bubble Bump is really fun and a out of the box activity!”

Pan Pacific Wan Ting

“Our game experience was awesome! All of us had fun and we did not regret choosing The Fun Empire for our team bonding! This was definitely a good team building activity for companies! The booking process was handled professionally and swiftly too! We really love and enjoy Bubble Bump the most and I will definitely recommend The Fun Empire to everyone!”

Kartright Speedway Nick Bong

“We had such a great time playing with The Fun Empire! It’s a great team sport to play and bond over. None of us had any prior experience with the activities, so it was great fun!

The booking was hassle-free and convenient as well! I will definitely recommend this to my family and friends!

Jacobs Engineering Arnab Ghash

” After gathering all my colleagues’ feedback, they thoroughly enjoyed the experience of running around in Bubbles! The booking process with The Fun Empire was efficient and they were able to quickly secure our preferred location at our preferred timing! It was definitely a good workout and bonding experience!

The facilitators were all very concern about our safety overall too! Their briefing and instructions were all very clear as well!  “

Airbnb Trixia Toh

“Thank you to Bubble Bump for the event held today! – my team has enjoyed the games tremendously! In particular, I would like to commend that your facilitators are excellent! They ensured that the games were fun for all and most importantly, safe for all, by doing through the safety briefings, leading warm-up exercises and keeping a keen eye on happenings on the ground. Sincerely appreciate all your facilitators’ commitment, hard work, passion and enthusiasm during the event “

Shell Magdelene

“Bubble Bump was instrumental in the success of our first major staff engagement event. We were impressed with the professionalism of Bubble Bump that was displayed by the staff throughout the entire process. In additional to their ability to delivery to a consistently high standard and within budget they proved to be able to be flexible and able to work with a range of local suppliers and stakeholders. The relationship with The Fun Empire was extremely positive and rewarded. We would strongly recommend them to any future client!”

People Advantage

“We engaged Bubble Bump to kick start our company annual sports event. They provide clean bubble suits and the suits are even colored (red & blue) in order for you to identify your team members. Moreover, their facilitators were friendly and very professional and also offer free photography service! We will definitely engage them again for our future events!”

Caliberlink Alvin Chua

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