Bubble Soccer Singapore with Bubble Bump Singapore

8 Types of Bubble Soccer Games

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Bubble Bump or Bubble Soccer is a popular team building game that has definitely left many people with big smiles. It is a high-energy team building game that also engages everyone in the team to play it non-competitively. Although Bubble Bump may look like a rough game at first, it is actually a great way for you to break off from all formalities and professionalism at work. For a start, wearing the Bubble Soccer suit already looks ridiculously amusing. The fun and laughter begin when you start with the different games. So if you are new to Bubble Soccer, here are a few games that can be played with your suit on:

Bubble Soccer Singapore with Bubble Bump Singapore

1. Bubble Bump VIP

Split your players into 2 teams. A player from Team 1 will be appointed to be the VIP whereas the rest of the members will act as the bodyguards. As bodyguards, you need to protect your VIP as you move to the other end of the court. On the other hand, the entire of Team 2 will be charging towards the VIP and will try to bump him or her down. If Team 1 successfully brings their VIP across, points will be awarded to them! However, if Team 2 manages to bump their VIP down, points will go to them and they will get to choose the next VIP.

2. Bubble Bump Invasion

The name of this game literally speaks for itself. There will be 2 teams standing inside the rectangular box of their “homes”. When the whistle blows, players from each team will come running and bumping into each other. The first team to have all players on the other side of the pitch wins the game.

3. Bubble Bump Soccer

The most classic and traditional game of all time is the Bubble Bump Soccer. It is played exactly like soccer except that no one plays any position. There will not be a goalkeeper in place too. The soccer ball will start in the middle of the pitch and players will start running and kicking when the whistle blows. Note that you are going to get bumped by your opponents for sure. It is easy to run and kick the ball but the challenge comes when you are in your Bubble Bump suit. This game really tests your multi-tasking skills – kicking the ball and looking ahead as you try not to get bumped by anyone.

4. Last Bubble Bump Standing

The match will kick off with a blow from the whistle made by the referee or facilitator. In this game, you need to save yourself first before your friends or colleagues. Here’s why: If you are the first to get bumped, you are out of the game. Then your life in the game would be so short lived and you have to sit on the sideline. Waiting can be boring. Try defending yourself as much. The last Bubble Bump to be standing wins the game!

5. Bubble Bump Middle Man

Only 1 person among the players would need to volunteer himself or herself to stand in the middle of the pitch. The rest of the players will separate themselves into lining up at 2 sides of the court. As soon as the referee or facilitator blows the whistle, everyone on the sideline must run to the opposite side. The middleman is supposed to bump as many people possible while they run across. Those who got bumped will join the middle man and they will continue bumping until there’s only 1 left on the pitch.

6. Bubble Bump Old School “500”

This time around, you will be playing with a squishy. The referee will be throwing the squishy in the air and you have to catch it. Each throw of the squishy will have a different value too. Since your hands are trapped in the Bubble Bump suit, you have to catch it through the hole of the suit that is just above your head. While you are trying to catch it, avoid from getting bumped by other players. The first person to get 500 points will win!

7. Bubble Bump Sumo King

Sounds like a game of knocking each other down – quite literally. There will be 2 players in their Bubble Bump suits standing in a huge ring. The whistle blows off and the 2 players will run into each other and hence, get bumped. But the game is not as simple as that. You have to try to bump your opponent out of the ring!

8. Bubble Bump Ball Bowling

If there is one thing that you need to know about this game, it would be to be brace yourself! One lucky person would be the bowling bowl. The rest of the team members will get into formation and act as the pins. Here’s a tip: a 5 pin formation works the best! The bowling bowl will have to run at full speed towards the pins and bump everyone down. However, you’ve only got 2 tries at this. Go hard or go home!

10 Quick Tips for Bubble Soccer

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When you mention bubbles, you think about the times that you played with it as a child. Bubbles were only known to many as some form of liquid contained in a bottle in the past. Some people used to challenge each other on who could make the biggest bubble. At one point, bubbles became popular that parents would engage someone just to blow big bubbles and show tricks with it. This would have had fascinated the younger ones.

That’s not the case in the 21st century. We have transformed so much that bubbles are now wearable. Yes, you can wear the bubbles! These bubbles don’t disappear when you poke them. What exactly is this bubble we’re talking about? It’s known as the bubble bump. If you’ve always wondered what it was like being in a bubble, here’s your chance!

The bubble bump is round and big, which is enough to cover your head down to your waist. There are 2 adjustable straps in tact on the inside for you to carry them and the weight of it would be on your shoulders. People often ask, “How do I get in the bubble?” Not to worry, our facilitators will guide you through with a briefing before every game.

Bubble bump is a contact sport that involves lots of bumping. There are several different games you can play with bubble bump. The most popular being bubble soccer where it’s played on a futsal pitch. It’s also possible to do it outdoors such as a multi-purpose hall, where the floor is a flat and smooth surface.

If you’re in search of a new game play at kids birthday parties or corporate Team building events, try bubble bump. You might also want to consider taking these tips down if you’re a first-time player!

Bubble Soccer Tip #1

During the briefing, our facilitators will mention that there won’t be any goalkeeper for each team. But they never said that you can’t have a goalkeeper! That’s a green light for you to just strategise with your team and assign someone to be the keeper. The job of a goalkeeper is easy because the bubble that you put on could easily block out the goal post.

Bubble Soccer Tip #2

After being bumped, get up as quickly as possible! Time spent on the ground is a waste, as you’ll have lesser opportunities to participate in the game. You’re only giving away chances to your opponent to score in a goal or even pinning you down. It only means that you’re going to be glued to the ground unless you could go against the strength that’s making you stay put. To avoid such cases from happening, don’t leave yourself rolling on the floor for too long. Try to recall the technique that our facilitators have thought you on getting up. Roll over on your tummy and get up on both knees.

Bubble Soccer Tip #3

While you’re busy chasing after the ball, your opponents will find every opportunity to bump on you. Here’s what you can do to counter them. Target at least 1 opponent and try bumping them till the very end of the game. So when both teams run to the middle of the pitch for the kickoff, you make sure to bump your opponents down first. Only after that, you can get the ball kicking. As a result, your opponents will have lesser ball possession because they would take quite a bit of time to recover from the fall.

Bubble Soccer Tip #4

Try landing within the bubble when someone bumps you. We cushioned our bubbles for a reason. If you had the straps on tight, you’re more likely to fall within the bubble. Do take note that the bubbles are only able to cover your upper body. Be very careful on how you’re going to fall. Most importantly, don’t resist the fall! It would be dangerous if you fell on your knees or bum as it could lead to an injury. We would like to avoid injuries at all cost and still have all smiling faces at the end of the game.

Bubble Soccer Tip #5

Will you fly across the pitch if someone heavier bumps you? That’s impossible. You would just get to observe the world go round as your bubble gets tossed. “She’s so light, confirm cannot bump other people!” Now, let’s put a stop to that stereotype and show them that anyone of lighter weight can do it too! There’s a trick to it and that is to attack them low. If you’re afraid of doing so, you can just run around bumping others while trying to avoid your opponent.

Hopefully, these tips would come in handy when it’s your turn to play bubble bump soccer. Have a good laugh watching your friends rolling all over. Those that aren’t playing, give your friends some moral support. Lastly, good luck!

Bubble Soccer Singapore with Bubble Bump Singapore

Celebrating National Day the Active Way at ITE College Central!

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Are you tired of the usual boring national day celebration in school? Read on to see how ITE College Central celebrate their NDP with Bubble Bump for a round of Bubble Soccer!  

1)  Dressed in Red & White
2)  Gather in the Assembly Hall
3) Watch Singing and Dancing Performances
4) National Day Sing-A-Long Session

ITE College Central

Over at ITE College Central, they decided to engage The Fun Empire and Bubble Bump for a different NDP experience for their students.

Instead of just sitting in the assembly hall, the school decided to engage and bond the students by introducing life size, fun games! The Fun Empire and Bubble Bump proposed 3 different games to suit the high energy level of the adults. The 3 games included Combat Archery Tag, Poolball, and Bubble Bump. These 3 games were also great for team building as each game emphasizes on different team bonding objectives such as leadership, communication, and team work.

The Games

As our games were all life sized, we occupied the whole of the school multipurpose’s hall. Upbeat songs were also played throughout the event to keep the atmosphere alive. Soon after we set up, the students arrived. After a quick warm up and detailed briefing session by our professional facilitators, we started the games! As the event was similar to a carnival, students had to queue and take turns to try out the games. The response was overwhelming as the queue for each game were crazily long!

However, we were glad that we planned each game duration to be around 5-10 minutes to ensure quick changeover of teams. The students all waited patiently for their turn and they were greatly entertained while watching their friends play too.

Students strategised as they played the game of combat archery tag, communicated on which ball to score for the poolball game, and cheered their peers on during bubble soccer. One game definitely wasn’t enough as many students stayed on and re-queue for round 2 or even round 3!

Even the teachers were tempted to join in the games as they watched their students play many rounds of it. Though tiring for our facilitators, It was satisfying seeing all those smiles on the students! Yet another successful event off the checklist!

5 Best Bubble Soccer Tips

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Bubble Bump Singapore
Bubble Bump Singapore
1) Stay Low

The best and most fun part of Bubble Soccer is getting bumped by the opponents! So, what do you do if your opponents are way bigger than you? They can easily bump you down based on their size. No worries! The trick is staying low! It’s not easy to knock someone down when you cannot see them or when they are lower than you.

2) Pay attention to your surrounding

Yes, the aim of the Bubble Soccer game is to score as many goals as possible. However, Bubble Bump is a full contact sport, thus, it’s crucial to pay attention to your surroundings and the players around you. We’ve seen many players paying too much attention to the soccer ball without noticing their opponents. Many times, a player will get hit off their feet without even touching the ball.

3) Guard the goal!!

Do you see the goal keeper leaving the goal wide and open in a normal soccer game? No, you don’t! There are many Bubble Soccer events where teams forget to assign a goal keeper to guard their goal, leaving it wide and open. Once a goalkeeper leaves their position, the opposing team can score as many as 3-4 goals within minutes!

4) Get back to action!

Do you believe some participants take their own sweet time to get back on their feet after getting bumped? I can never emphasize this enough, get up as fast as possible after getting bumped! The more you roll around on the field, the lesser time you have participating in the game. Meanwhile, your opponents might be scoring as many goals as they can! However, we understand that getting up is not easy and you need practice. Here are some tips for you!

a) Roll over to your stomach
b) Place one knee on the ground
c) Life the bumper suit up by the handles

5) Straps Straps & Straps

We can never emphasize the importance of putting on the straps snuggly. The only way to stay as safe and possible is to ensure that the bubble suit takes most of the impact and force from a hit. The only way to ensure that is to wear the bubble suit the correct way. Ensure that the strap is tight and do not slip off your shoulder easily. Properly adjusted straps will ensure head clearance within the ball, ensuring a safe and fun experience for all!

The Origin of Bubble Soccer

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Bubble Soccer Singapore with Bubble Bump Singapore

Hello there! In 2011, Bubble Bump (or Bubble Soccer) started off as a joke between 2 Norwegian hosts (Henrick Elvestad and Johan Gold) of comedy sports show, Golden Goal. Little did they know that what started as a joke would set the foundation for such a fun new sport!

Then in 2014, a video appeared on YouTube and set the internet on fire! Bubble Soccer became so highly sought after by the internet and everyone wanted to try the game.

Bubble Soccer also appeared on American TV show Shark Tank! Although it failed to secure a deal with Shark Tank’s panel of investors, Bubble Soccer appearance generated massive press coverage.

Finally, check out the frequently asked questions about the activity below!

So what exactly is Bubble Soccer?

A crossover between soccer and zorbing, players will be encased in a giant, inflatable Bubble suit with shoulder harnesses and handles inside. The bubble suit will cover the player’s upper body and head. Usually, the game is played in large spaces (indoor or outdoor futsal fields). However, the game is best played on futsal grass. Thus, we will recommend playing the game at our partner locations. You can choose either Kovan Sports Center or The Cage at Kallang to hold your session!

How do you play Bubble Soccer?

There are a few different game modes for Bubble Soccer. The most popular and common game is, of course, Bubble Soccer. Similar rules and objectives with the regular football, the only difference is that players will be in the inflatable bubble suit around their upper torso.

Other popular game modes include Bubble Bump Invasion and Bubble Bump Fetch.

Who can play Bubble Soccer?

Bubble Soccer is very popular among corporate team building, bachelor parties, kids birthday parties or even just a simple gathering. Furthermore, the game can be played by both children and adults too! However, we do not recommend the game for anyone with heart, back, neck injuries and pregnant ladies.

Are the Bubble Suits Smelly?

Not at all! The bubble suits are sanitized in between each game and Bubble Bump Singapore is the only company in Singapore with sweat proof straps. Besides, our bubbles are frequently maintained to ensure a safe and clean experience for our clients too!

What is included in a standard Package?

  • 2 Professionally Trained Facilitators

  • 5 Red & 5 Blue Bubble Suits

  • Soccer Ball

Book a session with Bubble Bump now! Call 6515 4146 or email us at bookings@bubblebump.sg if you have any other questions!

Bubble Soccer Singapore with Bubble Bump Singapore

10 Bubble Soccer Common Misconceptions

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Hello everyone, I’m sure you guys know what is soccer but have you heard of Bubble Soccer? That’s right! It is a unique and fun version of the original soccer game whereby players will now be wearing bubble suits and be playing Bubble Soccer at the same time. As it is a relatively new game in Singapore, I’m sure many of you have no idea what it is and have formed many misconceptions about this game. Therefore, I am here today to enlighten you guys about Bubble Soccer!

Misconception 1: Similar to traditional soccer, Bubble Soccer requires a min of 22 players

Bubble Soccer Singapore with Bubble Bump Singapore


Unlike soccer, Bubble Soccer does not require 11 players per team on the field to begin the game. The minimum number of players required is only 5 per team, per side! So you don’t have to find 10 other friends or colleagues to take part in this exciting game, simply find 4 other friends can participate in Bubble Soccer right now!

Misconception 2: Bubble Soccer needs to be conducted on a full-size soccer pitch

Bubble Soccer Singapore with Bubble Bump Singapore


Can you imagine 10 players wearing balloon suits and running around the football field? It would be quite disastrous. Bubble Soccer does not require a full-size soccer field to at all. Bubble Soccer only requires a small amount of space. For example, it can be held at either the Cage at Kallang or Kovan Sports Centre. These 2 locations are perfect as they are fully sheltered and you wouldn’t have to worry about whether it will rain or not. Furthermore, the activity can also be held at any open spaces such as Sentosa or even a school’s sports hall. There are simply no restrictions!

Misconception 3: Bubble Soccer is dangerous

Microsoft Bubble Soccer


Are bubbles dangerous? Then how can the game be dangerous at all? The bubble suits are filled with air and have been constantly well taken care of. Even if your friends bumped you, the bubble will be able to protect you from the fall. Likewise when you are going around bumping your friends. On top of that, there will also be professionally trained facilitators, who underwent intense training and certification program, to supervise the entire activity.  With such top-notch equipment coupled with facilitators who have tons of experience, Bubble Soccer is an extremely safe game for people of all age.

Misconception 4: It is extremely hot inside the bubble

Bubble Soccer Singapore with Bubble bump Singapore


This is true to a certain extent as it is hot because you are constantly running around and bumping people. However, the bubbles have 2 large holes, which allows the cooling air to flow in while allowing the heat to flow out.  In addition, if the game is held at our partner’s venues, they are fully sheltered and even have big ass fans that help to cool you down as well. Furthermore, a usual game will only last about 5mins.

Misconception 5: Bubble Soccer must be played at an outdoor venue

Bubble Soccer Singapore with Bubble Bump Singapore


Bubble Soccer can be played almost anywhere! It doesn’t have to be outdoor! It can be conducted in indoor places such as a sports hall or a multi-purpose hall as well.  This doesn’t only apply to Bubble Soccer; it is also applicable to other team building activities such as Combat Archery, Laser Tag as well.

Misconception 6: There are no official rules and referees for Bubble Soccer

Bubble Soccer Singapore Fun with bubble Bump Singapore


Fortunately, there are still rules that players have to abide with in order to make the game safe and fun. At the start of the gameplay, the facilitators will give a quick safety briefing to the participants, which will inform them about the dos and don’ts. Anyone who is caught breaking the rules will be temporarily banned from playing the game. So would you guys like to guess who is then the referees?  That’s right, they are the Game Facilitators!

Misconception 7: Bubble Soccer is a 90mins game

Bubble Bump Singapore


As much as we would love to let you guys play Bubble Soccer for 90mins, it would be too tiring for you. As such, the session will be divided into 3 different game modes, each with a different objective for you guys to work on. Each game mode would last for about 5mins followed by a 5mins break so that you guys will be able to catch a break.

Misconception 8: Bubble Soccer cannot be played on a rainy day


This is true only if u choose to play the game at an outdoor venue. Our recommended venues are fully sheltered.  As such, you will never have to worry about the bad weather. Rain or shine, you will still be able to continue to enjoy a game of Bubble Soccer.

Misconception 9: Soccer Rules applies to Bubble Soccer


Although the name Bubble Soccer may suggest that the rules applied in soccer are applied to it, it is absolutely not the case.  Certain rules such as the offside rules are not relevant to the game at all. Bubble Soccer has its own unique set of rules as well which is that both sides have to start from their goal post and run to the middle in order to get the first ball. It is through such differing rules, which makes Bubble Soccer that unique and interesting. Remember! Bubble Soccer is about getting bumped and not about your soccer skills!

Misconception 10: The bubble suits are heavy


No need to fear at all! We made our Bubble Suits with light plastic which can be easily carried around. Furthermore, there are 2 different types of bubble suits – 1 specifically made for adults and another specifically made for kids. This is to ensure that both kids and adults are able to handle the weight of the bubble suits!

After all these clarifications, I hope that you guys will better understand the game and forget about all those nonsensical misconceptions that you have for Bubble Soccer.  So what are u waiting for, contact us now and book your Bubble Bump session!

Microsoft Bubble Soccer


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Why do we love Bubble Soccer?

Bubble Soccer Singapore with Bubble Bump Singapore

What is Bubble Soccer?

Is Bubble Soccer playing soccer with a bubble-shaped ball? Playing soccer with bubbles? Is it that fun?

These are the questions that I commonly get whenever I ask my friends if they would like to enjoy a game of Bubble Soccer with me. So now, I would like to share with you guys what Bubble Soccer really is! It is really similar to a 5 a side soccer game. However, players are now all encased in a giant inflated plastic ball. The objectives for Bubble Soccer are the same – to score the ball into the opponent’s goalpost.

The best thing is, you can bump each other just for the fun of it! While I was playing the game, I had a lot of fun bumping into my friends.   Throughout the game, my friends and I were constantly bumping each other. We had lots of fun chasing and running away from one another.

Unlike the usual soccer, Bubble Soccer does not require a full soccer pitch in order to play. I had mine at the Cage at Kallang and it was very enjoyable because it was fully sheltered and there was a Big Ass Fan making the venue extremely cooling. Another location that they have is at Kovan Sports Centre. Are you still wondering why is Bubble Soccer such an enjoyable game? After sharing my reasons for loving Bubble Soccer, you will fall in love with the game as well!

Bubble Soccer Singapore with Bubble Bump Singapore

Firstly, are there any games in Singapore that allow you to get away with murder?  The answer is a definite NO!

However, Bubble Soccer is able to provide you with an opportunity to immerse yourself in one of the best game in the world. You get to “kill” your friends by constantly bumping into them and it isn’t simply a 1 v 1 scenario. It can be a 5 v 1 scenario as well! Bubble Soccer is one of the few games in Singapore that allows you to get physical with your friends. It is the perfect activity for people of all age! You will definitely have an endless amount of fun with all the different game modes!

One of the modes, which I enjoyed the most, was the Bubble Soccer Invasion. We had to form 2 teams of 5 and our objective was to invade our opponent’s base within the fastest period of time. Therefore, in order to win the round, we had to plan our move strategically. 1 such strategy could be to all rush towards their base while another could be to defend first and rush towards their base when they are all still trying to recover from the bump. Still not in love with Bubble Soccer, continue reading!

Bubble Soccer Singapore with Bubble Bump Singapore

Just like a normal game of soccer, Bubble Soccer too requires both teamwork and chemistry between players. Coupled with the continuous bumping of bubbles, Bubble Soccer requires, even more, teamwork, thus making it a perfect activity for team building. Communication is the key to success in every game. After coming out with strategies to beat your opponent, you have to constantly communicate with each other through the game too! Come out with exciting strategies to beat your opponents! Having constant communication within your team is crucial. Strategise within the team throughout the game will definitely help to win the game. Imagine the impact if 5 players decide to work together and “attack” the strongest opponent! There is strength in numbers!

After taking part in this event, I am confident that you will be a level closer to your friends or colleagues.  Team bonding is also extremely crucial to any organization as it builds trust, encourages communication and helps employees to work towards a common goal. That being said, team-building activities should also not be forced, as its effectiveness would be limited. Therefore, our activities such as Bubble Soccer, Laser Tag, and Archery Tag are a perfect fit to the problem, as our games are unique and interesting, coupled with multiple game modes that will spice up the difficulty level.  Convinced yet?

Commonwealth Secondary School
Commonwealth Secondary School

Finally convinced to have a fun session of Bubble Soccer?  Here is one more reason to why we are so in love with Bubble Soccer. It is because Bubble Soccer forces us to exercise and it has proven to be a superb workout session. If you already found running for an hour without a bubble suit tiring, wait till you try running around for 10 minutes in a big inflated bubble suit. You will definitely sweat profusely.

Furthermore, with all the different game modes available, you are sure to lose a couple of calories! As the saying goes “Thirty Minutes of Exercise a Day Keeps the Doctor Away”.  Are you staying at your office desk for way too long? Are you always staying at home? Why not just spend 1 hour on Bubble Soccer, allowing you to exercise and have fun at the same time. If you do not like the soccer, you can also take part in our other unique activities such as Laser Tag and Archery Tag as well.

In conclusion, I know that you may have your doubts about Bubble Soccer in the beginning but I hope that after reading this article, you have fallen in love with Bubble Soccer just like me. No one ever expected that a simple tweak to the beautiful game of soccer could be equally fun as well. Bubble Soccer not only allows you to get physical with your friends but also allows you to knit stronger relationships with your colleagues and work out at the same time. So what are you waiting for, quickly sign up for a bumpy session of Bubble Soccer right now!

Why are our Bubble Soccer partnering venues awesome? (The Cage Kallang)

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Check out the various awesome things you can do at one of our partner venues, The Cage@Kallang!
The Cage @ Kallang
Address: 28 Jalan Benaan Kapal, Singapore 399635
The Cage @ Kallang is the ideal location for the sporty, the outgoing and adventurous. With many new malls and the newly built Singapore Sports Hub just around the corner, let me take you through some of the other post-activities that Kallang offers, after your Bubble Soccer session with Bubble Bump Singapore!
1. Take a tour around the New Singapore Sports Hub
If you haven’t already taken a walk around our new Sports Hub, I advise you to do so soon. Because it is majestic. Especially when the afternoon sun shines down on the mammoth of a modern structure. You’d be amazed by just how long you will spend exploring the different angles and activities that the Hub offers.
2. Check out the Kallang Wave Mall
Situated right beside the Sports Hub is the Kallang Wave Mall and boy is this mall designed for the Bubble Soccer junkies in all of us. Right smack in the middle of the mall is the main attraction. A towering Rock structure built for all to try their hands at rock climbing. So if you and your friends are still game for more sporty activities after your fun Bubble Soccer session with Bubble Bump Singapore (Yes we do provide ‘chill’ games like Poolball as well), head on down to Kallang Wave Mall and give rock climbing a shot!
3. Wind down along the Kallang River
We totally understand that some of our Bubble Bump games (Especially Bubble Soccer) can take out even the most energetic of clients. So if you are totally burned out after your event with us, you can warm down with your friends or family by taking a stroll along the Kallang River and enjoying the good old sun set and cool breeze by the river side.


Our awesome Bubble Soccer partnering venues. (Kovan Sports Centre)

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Kovan Sports Centre (Hougang St 21)

Besides getting to try out Bubble Soccer at our 3 different venues, Clients have often asked us, ‘what else is there to do around the area?’ So here you go folks, here is a series of post-Fun Empire activities that you can head to after a day of jolly good fun with Bubble Bump Singapore.

Bubble Soccer Kovan

Allow me to give you a little insight to the mystical land of Hougang/Kovan. This area has to be one of the most underrated food havens in Singapore and what better way to end off your well-spent day with some good food and drinks? Here are some of my personal favorite spots to hang out and makan after a tiring day of activities provided by V

1. Nakhon Kitchen  (212 Hougang St 21, #01-341, 530212)

I mean come on, surely I do not have to go on raving about just how Nakhon serves one of the best Thai cuisine here in Sunny side Singapore. I’m pretty sure most of you know just how good it is. So guess what? Nakhon Kitchen is now just 400m away from our partnering location, Kovan Sports Centre. Yes, you heard me right; just a mere 5 minutes walk away. So go on, feast yourself silly. You deserve it.

2. Nectars & Vine (752 Upper Serangoon Road, Singapore 534623)

To all my alcoholic friends out there, this one’s a gem. Nectars & Vine is one of the most affordable beer garden/wine bars you can find. Trust me, I’m always looking out for the best deals I can get in the most expensive city so when I say it’s affordable. I mean it. So yeah, craving for a bit of alcohol satisfaction after expanding every last bit of energy you had with us after playing Bubble Bump, Poolball, Combat Archery Tag or Laser Tag at The Fun Empire? Now you can get your fix just a 2 minutes drive away!

3. Lola’s Café (5 Simon Rd, 545893)

If you and your friends prefer to enjoy a lovely and quiet afternoon brunch, this is the place for you. A quaint location that serves pretty decent Western brunch and coffee. This is just what your inner-hipster needs.

4. Best of the rest.

-Ponggol Nasi Lemak Centre, 965 Upper Serangoon Road, Singapore 534721;
-Hougang Street 21 Block 209 Market and Food Centre
-O Bar & Restaurant 780 Upper Serangoon Road, #01-07, Singapore 534649

5 things you’ll only experience with Bubble Soccer at Bubble Bump Singapore

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Check out the 5 things you’ll only experience with Bubble Soccer at Bubble Bump Singapore 
1.    What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. With our inflated bubble soccer suits, fear not the worry of falling but instead, embrace the adrenaline of the bump! Our bubble soccer suits are built to resist high impact so it’s time to suit up for some blood pumping, body bumping action!
2.    Bubble Bump a day keeps the doctor away. Say goodbye to your fats! Our Bubble Soccer games at Bubble Bump Singapore are a unique and enjoyable way to keep fit. Besides, we provide a wide variety of Bubble Soccer games that would definitely give you a whole new experience on the meaning of a workout. So tell me what’s better than enjoying your exercise?

3.    Being in your own bubble soccer suit, literally. We designed the Bubble Suits to fit almost anyone of different shapes and sizes, so don’t you worry because once you are in the bubble soccer suit, everyone will be equal! Moreover, there’s no better way to say ‘oops, sorry I was living in my own bubble’ if you do mess up your teams’ chances of winning a Bubble Soccer game!

4.    Revenge is a dish best served cold. So you definitely do not want to miss the chance of bumping your evil bosses onto the cold hard floor. (Kidding about the revenge) But yes Bubble Bump Singapore allows you to find hilarious ways to make your friends fall in all ways- be sneaky and bump your opponents from behind or chose to be gung ho and ‘Rambo’ your way through a mass of bubble suits. Hey, it’s your choice, but we will leave you with this. Bump hard or go home.
5.    Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind. Bubble Bump Singapore provides with many creative Bubble Soccer team-bonding games to build closer relations with family and friends- suitable for all kinds of events from birthday parties to cooperate events. So blood-related or not, Bubble Bump Soccer provides a bumping good time that will bring about closer ties to all!