5 Best Bubble Soccer Vendors Across The World

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Soccer fans, rejoice! We never thought that soccer would one day evolve into something creative and fun for all – bubble soccer. Bubble soccer was all the rage among people of all ages when it was first launched. Though it might have died down over the years, it is gradually picking up on its popularity again. So here are 5 best bubble soccer vendors across the world

  1. Bubble Bump Singapore

Let’s start the list with our very own local provider known as Bubble Bump Singapore. We are the largest bubble soccer provider in Singapore and have held over 4,000 events since it was launched. As we practice cleanliness and hygiene, our bubble soccer suits are cleaned weekly or after every bubble soccer game to ensure it is odour-free. Bubble soccer is perfect for any corporate team building event or even birthday parties. Wondering if kids can participate in a game of bubble soccer? Yes, of course, provided if they are 1.2m and above. While adults have all the fun, we ensure that kids are not left out on it too!

  1. Bubble Soccer2U

When in Melbourne, you should look out for BubbleSoccer2U for the best bubble soccer services. With 11 bubble soccer games to choose from, they ensure that you are never left bored. Bubble Soccer2U provides bubble soccer games at kids birthday parties, hens or bucks nights, schools, and even festivals. The services are offered in Melbourne, Canberra, Gold Coast, and Perth, with each city having a specific location. Pick your preferred area and they will bring the bubble soccer games to you!

  1. Kiwi Bubble Soccer

Not too far from Australia, New Zealand is also another country that has brought in bubble soccer to introduce it to their people. Their services include birthday parties, corporate events, kids parties, community events, holiday programmes, casual play, promotional events, and stag or hens do. Kiwi Bubble Soccer is available Auckland wide and operates 7 days a week with customised event planning. What are you waiting for? Get your friends and families in New Zealand to try bubble soccer.

  1. Bubble Football South West

Unlike other countries, Europe calls this game bubble football. Bubble Football South West prides themselves on offering a safe, unrivaled, and professional service. And as with other bubble soccer vendors, Bubble Football South West provides for similar events. These include birthdays, stag or hens do, corporate events, team building, and charity events. Whether young or old, they ensure that you have an enjoyable game and a fun experience. A game of bubble football will get you laughing for days and it will make a great memory to look back at in the future.

  1. Bubble Soccer USA

To wrap up the list of vendors across the world, we have Bubble Soccer USA! It is no surprise they are the number 1 bubble soccer provider throughout the country with so many things to offer. They hold kids parties, fun days, bachelor parties, team building events, charity day, as well as corporate events. Have a location of your own? They would be more than willing to bring bubble soccer to your location. There are 4 packages to choose from with each providing different hours of gameplay and players. We would recommend bringing in more people. As the saying goes: “The more, the merrier”. Now, go and have a bumping good time!



4 Life Lessons You’ll Learn from Bubble Soccer

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There’s more to bubble soccer than just its typical rules. It teaches you certain values that can be incorporated into your daily lives or even at work. These are just some of the things that are easier taught through fun and interactive gives. So here are 4 life lessons you’ll learn from playing bubble soccer!

  1. Win together and lose together

In a game of bubble soccer Singapore, you’re going to win and lose as a team. It doesn’t matter if your teammate is the one to score the goal or manages to bump as many opponents. When you work as a team, you’ll realize that everyone depends on each other and works towards the same goals. This applies the same in real life. Similar to bubble soccer Singapore, reality requires you to collaborate with others. For instance, your boss throws you a huge project work. This project needs to be done as a team or else it’ll be too much for you to handle. You might not be able to take credit if the project succeeds and neither do you get to take all the blame when it fails. And that’s the good thing about working together!

  1. Learn how to take risks

We know that so many are afraid to take risks because there’s a possibility that it might fail. You could try scoring a goal from the center of the pitch but what are the odds? It’s either a hit or a miss. Good if it hits, but bad if it misses. Risks are worth the shot as it might open new doors to something even bigger and better. If it fails, you’ll learn how to handle mistakes and learn from them.  This example can be implied for when family members make poor judgments in something. You’ll be glad to know that you took the risk than die knowing that you should’ve taken that step.

  1. It’s okay to lose

Even the best fall down sometimes. You could have formed a team with the best players and they’ll still lose if something ever goes wrong. Likewise when you go for a job interview. You could’ve run through the questions in your head and have the qualifications for the job but still got rejected. It’s the reality of life. But never lose hope. This should motivate you to try harder and focus on getting the job position on your next interview.

  1. Pick up valuable skills

Bubble soccer teaches you how to have a positive attitude and how this energy could potentially feed on others. There’s always room for improvement and this allows you to redeem yourselves. For instance, your team could have lost the game in the first half. With positivity, you motivate the rest of the players to do better for the second half. At work, you’re not always going to do everything right on the first try but you shouldn’t give up then. Stay positive, learn from it, and do better the next time!


5 reasons why you should play bubble soccer

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Bubble Soccer Singapore with Bubble Bump Singapore

Perhaps you’ve seen a group of people dressed in what looks to be a hamster ball and running around a field. Yes, pretty hilarious. Maybe you think it looks silly, or are envious because it looks fun, but either way, here are 5 reasons why you should give Bubble Soccer Singapore a go!

  1. Team Building

Bubble Soccer is a team game, and that means working together with your teammates, be it to score the next goal or to bring your opponent down to the ground.  Challenge your communication and group problem-solving skills as you and your friends take on opponents!

  1. Good way to keep fit

If anything, Bubble Soccer Singapore is one of the most tiring team building games we’ve tried. Not only will you have to try and score goals, but the amount of energy needed just to get back up and bump people around is a huge calorie burner. Remember to take breaks between multiple games to keep up with your friends!

  1. It is safer than actual soccer

Yes, tackling is encouraged in game play for Bubble Soccer, and as such, one of the greatest concerns of every player is safety. However, with the cushion-like bubble suit surrounding you, you need not worry about hurting yourself when you fall. So go have some fun!

  1. Weather is never an issue

The great thing about Bubble Soccer Singapore is that it is both an indoor and outdoor sport! Because it requires neither an outdoor pitch nor a full-sized one, you’ll never have to worry about canceling plans again. Who cares if its sunshine or rain, Bubble Soccer is an any-weather game.

  1. World Cup

Yes, that’s right! The world’s first Bubble Soccer world cup is to take place in the summer of 2018 in Shoreditch, London! More details on the event can be found here. So what are you waiting for? It’s time for some kicks! Or should we say bumps?




5 fun facts about bubble soccer

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Microsoft Bubble Soccer
Microsoft Bubble Soccer
Microsoft Bubble Soccer

Many of us have heard of Bubble Soccer, where players are seen bumping into each other in hope of tackling one another to the ground and of course, scoring a goal. But what else do we know about it? Here are some fun facts about this crazy popular activity!

  1. Bubble Soccer originated from Norway

Bubble Soccer was invented in Norway, 2011, by two friends, Henrik Elevestad and Johan Golden. It started off as a joke, however, would gain popularity worldwide in just a few years.

  1. A YouTube video made it viral

In 2014, a video posted on YouTube from Algund, Italy, caused a huge spike in the Google’s search engines. There were millions of searches all over the world for Bubble Soccer Singapore within the week the video was uploaded.

  1. There is a National Association for Bubble Soccer

Yes, you read that right! The National Association for Bubble Soccer was established in 2014, after there were problems in establishing formal rules for the game, and acquiring equipment that was of proper quality for gameplay.

  1. It makes a great work out

When playing normal soccer, most would think that “Oh hey, it’s only going to be legs day today!” Well, if you think the same applies to Bubble Soccer, you thought wrong. Bubble suits are heavier than you think they are and are strapped onto your back as you play, complete with handles for you to hold onto. Effectively, this means that its arms, back, and legs day all in one!

  1. Bubble Soccer is a full contact game

Unlike most sports where only minimal or no contact is allowed, Bubble Soccer is the exact opposite! Get ready to tackle your opponents to the ground and watch your back for those going after you too. Not to worry, the bubble suit will cushion your falls!

There you have it, 5 fun facts about Bubble Soccer Singapore! Don’t forget to register with us for more Bubble Soccer fun!


4 bubble bump techniques that help you be a better player

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Bubble Soccer Singapore with Bubble Bump Singapore

You hear the whistle and excitement rushed like a static wave down your spine because it was your very first time playing bubble bump. The next thing you know, you feel yourself falling backward. You wait for the impact but… You don’t feel it! That’s great! But you soon realize that bubble soccer is much more tiring than you originally thought. Well, here are some tips to make your bubble bump career smooth sailing!

  1. Attack hard

Attack like you mean it! Be fierce, be tough – a small push isn’t going to knock your friend over, you have to put in some effort! Bubble soccer suits are filled with air, and when you come into contact with your friend in another bubble bump suit, that’s as good as two suits between the both of you. You’re definitely going to need to put in some force if you intend to knock the other over!

  1. Hold your stance

If you see someone rushing towards you in a cosmic tackle, fret not! Stand your ground! As we mentioned above, in bubble soccer, never worry about the amount of force you’re going to use when tackling someone. So expect other players to try to knock the wind out of your lungs. The bubbles were meant to cushion the high impact, but really, brace yourself for impact, because you’ll fall if you have a poor defense stance!

  1. Get up fast

Don’t stay down! This may not matter so much at the start of the game, but when you feel tired, getting up feels like it takes ten times more energy. So don’t lose momentum and keep moving! In Bubble Soccer Singapore, the fastest way to get up would be from a position where your stomach is facing the ground. Simply get your toes to touch the ground from that position and hoist yourself up!

  1. Make sure the back straps are adjusted right

This is really important! The Bubble Soccer Singapore Singapore suits, although are light enough to be carried, can be a deadweight after a while. This is especially if you didn’t adjust the back straps to suit you. Your back should carry most of the weight so that your arms will not tire out as quickly! So be sure to make sure it’s adjusted properly for maximum comfort and conservation of energy!

Hopefully, these tips will help! But don’t forget the most important tip of all time – remember to have fun!



A Unique Sport: Bubble Soccer Singapore

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Bubble Soccer Singapore with Bubble Bump Singapore

To all soccer lovers, bubble soccer will be a game that you love. The classic twist to the traditional game makes it a little more special. Instead of running around freely, you’ll be running in a zorb ball suit. It’s easily the most tiring yet fun cardio workout of all time. And just like soccer, bubble soccer also has its very own version of World Cup!

Ready for the world’s most epic game? The Bubble Football World Cup 2018 will kick-off next Summer in Shoreditch, London. This is the first ever bubble soccer world cup event happening on 19 May 2018. There are 12 teams participating in this exciting tournament – with players from the national bubble football teams.

They will start the day with group games in the morning, then the quarter and semi-finals game will be played in the afternoon. In order for the team to attain the Bubble Football World Cup Champions trophy, they will need to win at least 6 games.

This bubble soccer match is similar to world cup football matches. They have awards for the top goal scorer, tournament MVP, and best hit.  Now, we all wished they would air this live on TV! It would be something completely new and hilarious.

Since there isn’t a bubble soccer tournament in Singapore, you could do your bookings with us to experience it! We offer bubble soccer suits for both kids and adults with a variety of games to choose from. So parents with their little ones need not worry about them getting bored while waiting for you to finish the game. Though it may exhaust you in a matter of minutes, it’s guaranteed a fun gameplay. If safety is your concern, put your worries aside. We’ve chosen a safe play area such as our partnering venues at futsal pitches to carry out the games. Have a venue of your own? We can even bring the games to you! Bubble soccer is definitely a game we’d recommend to anyone who wants to break the ice and have an enjoyable team building session!


5 Reasons Why Bubble Soccer Is The Perfect Activity For Kids

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Bubble Soccer Singapore with Bubble bump Singapore

Have no idea where to bring your kids during the school holidays? We have something for you! This holiday, bring the little ones out of some bubble soccer fun! Here are 5 reasons why you should let your kids create fond memories with bubble soccer.

  1. A Fun Spin On Traditional Games

A relatively new game, bubble soccer is similar to traditional soccer but with a unique twist to the sport. Guided by similar rules, the game is made much more exciting as players are encompassed in a giant bubble that covers their entire upper torso. The game not only makes for a hilarious sight when your little ones are wrapped in the giant bubbles but will also provide them with an unforgettable day of fun!

  1. Get A Fun Workout

Little kids have endless energy. It is not uncommon to see parents frantically trying to get their children to sit down and behave themselves while in shopping malls or even on public transport. If the above sounds like you, it’s time to let your kids have their fill of fun with bubble soccer! The best part? You don’t have to chase after them this time!

  1. No Injuries

Every parent has the same concerns when it comes to their kids. A common worry is their kids’ safety while participating in vigorous activities. Our answer to preventing such concerns from becoming reality is bubble soccer! Although usual sports are great for kids, accidents happen. More often than not, activities involving sports are accompanied by kids getting injured due to their recklessness and inability to care for themselves. However, in bubble soccer, players are cocooned in a giant inflated bubble from the knees up, minimising their chances of sustaining injuries! Even if your kid is bumped into or falls down, it wouldn’t hurt at all since they are basically cushioned by a huge bubble!

  1. Enhancing Teamwork

A unique version of soccer, bubble soccer is a great way to teach your kids about teamwork. The zorb-like bubble greatly restricts their movements, making it much more challenging for players to score a goal. Therefore, bubble soccer will certainly promote teamwork and encourage kids to work hand in hand to defeat their opponents. The game will also allow your kids to appreciate their teammates’ strengths while making up for each other’s weaknesses!

  1. Safer Indoor Venues

Bubble soccer is commonly held in indoor venues such as The Cage @ Kallang, Futsal Arena @ Yishun, and Premier Pitch @ Turf City. As compared to usual sports such as swimming or cycling, signing your kids up for bubble soccer means that won’t have to worry about bad weather ruining your plans! Furthermore, indoor surfaces are much safer as there is a slim chance of the little ones stepping on sharp or dangerous objects that might be lurking on outdoor fields.





5 Bubble Ball Games You Need To Try At Your Next Clique Outing

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All of us face a common first world problem where we arrange for a meet-up with our friends, but have no idea where to go or what to do. In the end, we settle for last minute activities such as watching a movie or simply catching up over dinner. If this sounds like you, put a stop to these boring activities! Instead of planning predictable outings, you need to try these 5 unconventional bubble ball games that make for some good bonding time with your friends!
  1. Bubble Soccer

A fun spin on traditional soccer, bubble soccer is guided by similar rules, except that players are wrapped in a giant inflated bubble from their knees up. The game enhances teamwork among players as they have a common goal to kick the ball into the opposing team’s goal area. Bubble soccer is also an amusing sight with your friends’ legs flailing around helplessly when they fall while fighting over the ball!

  1. Bubble Invasion

In bubble invasion, players from the same team must invade the penalty box area of the opposing team. The first team with all team members in the opposing team penalty box area at the same time will score a point. Bubble invasion will foster interaction between you and your friends as it requires careful strategizing to achieve your common goal of defeating the opposing team!

  1. Bubble Bowling

Bubble bowling offers a fun twist on the traditional bowling! Instead of using an actual bowling ball and pins, one of the players will act as a bowling ball while everyone else will stand in a bowling ball formation as human pins. In this version of bubble games, the human bowling ball has two tries to run towards the “pins” and attempt to knock them down.

  1. Bubble Sumo

Bubble sumo is the most straightforward and easiest to understand of all. The game involves two players in one round, in which players with their inflated bubbles will enter the ring. To be the winner, the player simply has to force the other party out of the ring!

  1. Bubble Music

If you love music and dancing, be sure to give this interesting bubble ball game a try with your pals! A hilarious combination of music and bubble dancing, bubble bump music unleashes the kid in you as you compete with your friends over territories. Plus, when else would you have the chance to watch your friends dance while trapped in a giant bubble?







Top 5 Reasons Cage @ Kallang Is A Good Bubble Soccer Venue  

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We’ve mentioned that Bubble Soccer is a game that can be played either indoors or outdoors. At times, clients would suggest their preferred location and that would work too. But if you’re looking out for the best venue to play Bubble Soccer, we will recommend Cage @ Kallang. Here are 5 reasons why you should choose Cage @ Kallang:

  1. Fully sheltered

Singapore’s weather is unpredictable and it can get really hot on some days. So with a fully sheltered space, you wouldn’t need to worry about getting drenched or perspire before the game starts.

  1. Private space

It’s true that most futsal courts are separated by huge nets. This also means that anyone is able to see you play. However, Cage @ Kallang offers something even better. Each pitch stands on its own, allowing you to have more privacy.

  1. Well-ventilated

The main concern of playing indoors is with the air ventilation. Not to fret, there are windows and a huge fan above the pitch that circulates air. Thus, you wouldn’t feel suffocated inside.

  1. Shower area

We know it can be a little unhygienic to just leave the place when you’re all sweaty. So after sweating it all out, you can take a nice cold shower in their restrooms. Plus, their restrooms are clean and don’t leave any odor.

  1. Near to Kallang Wave Mall

The best part of playing Bubble Soccer at Cage @ Kallang is being near to the new shopping mall. You can choose to dine at the many restaurants available or indulge in hawker fare to fill your hungry tummies.


The Differences Between Bubble Soccer and Soccer

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Bubble Soccer Singapore with Bubble Bump Singapore

Bubble soccer or bubble bump football is a kind of sport that involves playing soccer in a massive zorb ball. It can be played in indoor spaces or outdoor fields, which can be of your preferred location. Most people would’ve thought that bubble soccer and soccer are the same game. While some things may be similar, there are differences in the two sports. So here are 5 differences between bubble soccer and soccer!

  1. Wearing a bubble suit

What’s a bubble soccer game without a bubble suit? This is the most distinct difference between bubble soccer and soccer. Besides, it’s pretty hard to miss such a giant looking ball bouncing or running about.

  1. No goalkeepers needed

Actual soccer games have goalkeepers guarding the goalpost. With bubble soccer, everything else is similar except that you don’t need to assign anyone to look stand by the goalpost. However, this rule isn’t specified in the game. So if you’d like to play smart, get one of your team members to be the goalkeeper.

  1. Players don’t necessarily have a designated role in the game

This one’s to make things simpler for those who have never played soccer. Soccer games usually have players playing positions such as the left midfielder, a defensive midfielder, striker, right back, and the list could go on. To not complicate the game, there are no such positions in bubble soccer.

  1. It is very safe

The best thing about playing bubble soccer is you get to fall and roll around. With the bubble suit on, there are lesser chances for you to get injured. You can trip someone, let him or her fall flat on the face, and totally not feel guilty about it. Likewise, don’t resist the fall if anyone did that to you in return!

  1. Not a 90-minute game

The bubble soccer game doesn’t last for a full 90 minutes. In fact, it only goes on for 10 minutes per round. It seems short but this 10 minutes will be the most tired you’ve been. Despite all that, the great company and thrill of this game will get you wanting for many more rounds!