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Why Bubble Bump Singapore for your Bubble Soccer Event?

Bubble Soccer Multiple Locations

Convenient Air Conditioned Locations

Bubble Bump Singapore has numerous convenient Bubble Soccer locations across Singapore! Our partner locations are conveniently located near MRT stations or easily accessible via public transport too. The locations are not limited to just our partner venues. We are able to hold your Bubble Soccer events at any of our clients’ preferred locations too. Public parks, any open areas of even your own backyard can become suitable locations for your Bubble Soccer event!

Odor-Free Bubble Suits

Bubble Bump Singapore pride ourselves in keeping a high standard of cleanness and hygiene. We are also the only Bubble Soccer provider in Singapore to use custom-design sweat proof straps to ensure cleanliness. We maintained our bubbles weekly and clean our bubbles with a disinfectant after every Bubble Soccer game round. Hence, our bubbles are odor-free to provide a clean and enjoyable Bubble Soccer experience for our clients!

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No.1 Bubble Soccer Singapore Provider

Bubble Bump Singapore is the biggest Bubble Soccer provider in Singapore with over 100 Kids & Adults Bubble Soccer Suits! With over 10 games such as Bubble Soccer Singapore, we cater to all types of Bubble Soccer events such as corporate team building and birthday parties etc. No matter the size of your event, we will be able to create a wonderful Bubble Soccer Singapore experience for you. We also offer food catering, prizes, game fixtures and event management to create a fun and enjoyable Bubble Soccer event for you!

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Our Bubble Soccer Packages

Casual Fun Games

Sick and tired of all the boring activities in Singapore? Be prepared to experience the wackiest, exhilarating and crazy Bubble Soccer time with your friends and colleagues.

Birthday Parties

Looking for a unique celebration to remember for many years to come? Throw the best ever perfect Bubble Soccer birthday party!

Team Building / Cohesion Packages

Participants can get to experience different Bubble Soccer gameplay, from highly entertaining physical Bubble Soccer games to exciting strategic Bubble Soccer games that challenge the mind.

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Bubble Bump Singapore


“Our experience with The Fun Empire is an interesting and fun experience with lots of interaction! My division was happy with the activity and it allowed staff who don’t normally interact to get to know each other better!

The booking process was fast and efficient with helpful staff that helped to plan the activity to my needs. I will definitely recommend the game to others! “

 Loreal Singapore

L’Oréal Singapore Merlyn

” Our experience with The Fun Empire turned out to be really fun! This is definitely a good quick and effective exercise for such a huge group of us. There was also sufficient emphasis on the safety of the game during the briefing and the facilitators were all very professional.

The booking process was relatively easy and efficient as well! The Fun Empire even accomodated our last minute change in timing. I will definitely recommend it to my friends and colleagues! “

Deloitte & Touche LLP Phyllis

“Bubble Bump Soccer and Bubble Bump Invasion really let us know better about our colleagues and how to communicate and strategise with them! Kaboom was a good, relaxing activity that all personnel of all ages can do.”

Micron Renung Kinanthi

“Bubble Bump is a first of its kind with an interesting twist to a sporting event. It’s great team bonding experience but at the same time extremely exhausting. Booking with Bubble Bump was really fast and efficient with plenty of flexibility in dates and number of participants too! Bubble Bump is really fun and a out of the box activity!”

Pan Pacific Wan Ting

“Our game experience was awesome! All of us had fun and we did not regret choosing The Fun Empire for our team bonding! This was definitely a good team building activity for companies! The booking process was handled professionally and swiftly too! We really love and enjoy Bubble Bump the most and I will definitely recommend The Fun Empire to everyone!”

Kartright Speedway Nick Bong

“We had such a great time playing with The Fun Empire! It’s a great team sport to play and bond over. None of us had any prior experience with the activities, so it was great fun!

The booking was hassle-free and convenient as well! I will definitely recommend this to my family and friends!

Jacobs Engineering Arnab Ghash

” After gathering all my colleagues’ feedback, they thoroughly enjoyed the experience of running around in Bubbles! The booking process with The Fun Empire was efficient and they were able to quickly secure our preferred location at our preferred timing! It was definitely a good workout and bonding experience!

The facilitators were all very concern about our safety overall too! Their briefing and instructions were all very clear as well!  “

Airbnb Trixia Toh

“Thank you to Bubble Bump for the event held today! – my team has enjoyed the games tremendously! In particular, I would like to commend that your facilitators are excellent! They ensured that the games were fun for all and most importantly, safe for all, by doing through the safety briefings, leading warm-up exercises and keeping a keen eye on happenings on the ground. Sincerely appreciate all your facilitators’ commitment, hard work, passion and enthusiasm during the event “

Shell Magdelene

“Bubble Bump was instrumental in the success of our first major staff engagement event. We were impressed with the professionalism of Bubble Bump that was displayed by the staff throughout the entire process. In additional to their ability to delivery to a consistently high standard and within budget they proved to be able to be flexible and able to work with a range of local suppliers and stakeholders. The relationship with The Fun Empire was extremely positive and rewarded. We would strongly recommend them to any future client!”

People Advantage

“We engaged Bubble Bump to kick start our company annual sports event. They provide clean bubble suits and the suits are even colored (red & blue) in order for you to identify your team members. Moreover, their facilitators were friendly and very professional and also offer free photography service! We will definitely engage them again for our future events!”

Caliberlink Alvin Chua

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What is Bubble Soccer?

Originally born in Norway, Bubble Soccer is a safe and exciting new game that has taken the world by storm. The craze has hit USA, Europe, Australia and it has finally arrived on the shores of our sunny island, Singapore. Players are encased in zorb-like inflatable bubbles, which covers the player's upper body and head. Bubble Soccer is safe, fun and can be played by anyone over the age of 7!

Soccer lovers will find Bubble Soccer a fun variation on the game they love, pushing them to develop new Bubble Soccer strategies for scoring. Players who have never played soccer before can enjoy a Bubble Soccer game that is a combination of bumping, colliding, flipping and laughing. It's the only Bubble Soccer sport that's just as fun to watch as it is to play! Bubble Soccer is best for corporates as an icebreaker for team building events too! Bubble Soccer gets everyone laughing and break tensions in a positive, enjoyable way!



Why is Bubble Bump Singapore The Best Bubble Soccer Provider in Singapore?

  • Over 3000 Bubble Soccer Events & Counting
  • Over 100 Adults & Kids Bubble Soccer Suits
  • Convenient Bubble Soccer Locations Across Singapore
  • Only Bubble Soccer Provider with Sweat Proof Straps
  • Weekly Bubble Soccer Suits Maintenance
  • Over 60 Professionally Trained Facilitators

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