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3 reasons to join us for a fun-filled Bubble Soccer session today! [2024]

The  TOP 3 reasons to join us for a fun-filled Bubble Soccer session today!

Break free from your routine and join the Fun Life! Check out the top 3 reasons to join Bubble Bump Singapore for a game of Bubble Soccer this weekend!

Bubble Soccer
Bubble Soccer

1. You Need More Adventure in Your Boring Life.

Does your life need more fun or excitement? If you belong to this category, we have the perfect way to help that free-spirited you. Join Bubble Bump Singapore and immerse yourself in a bumping, action-filled Bubble Soccer session with us today! Take chances, take some risk, and take a step out of your comfort zone! Join us for an adventurous Bubble Soccer session and add value to your life!

2. Having Social Bonding is the No 1 Way to Optimise your Health 

There is no better way to forge closer bonds with your closed ones than to do it in a fun Bubble Soccer session! Create a shared experience filled with unlimited fun and laughter together with your friends, family or colleagues!

Our action-packed Bubble Soccer sessions are sure to bring people closer together. This works best within teams as your team can work together and achieve an objective together! What are you waiting for? Be rewarded with closer ties with your loved ones when you head to our game session with us today!

3. The Fun Alternative to Your Traditional forms of exercise

Are you sick of boring workout routines? Say goodbye to boring routines! Bubble Soccer is the best way to get Fit without a gym! All you need is one round of Bubble Soccer game and you will definitely be asking for more!

What’s more, our game offers more than a just physical workout, it works out your brain too! Come and put your Brain and Brawl to a test and see how you fare against your friends, family or colleagues! You can even improve your physical and mental wellness!

How to play Bubble Soccer?

Each team will consist of no more tan 5 players at any one time. Each game round will last for around 5 minutes with a 30 seconds break in between. The soccer ball will be placed in the middle of the field and teams will line up along their goal line. Once the whistle blows, the teams can run up to the soccer ball.

A goal is scored when the whole of the ball passes over the goal line, the team scoring the most number of goals during the match will be the winner!

Book a Bubble Soccer Session with us now!

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