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4 bubble bump techniques that help you be a better player [2024]

You hear the whistle and excitement rushed like a static wave down your spine because it was your very first time playing bubble bump. The next thing you know, you feel yourself falling backward. You wait for the impact but… You don’t feel it! That’s great! But you soon realize that bubble soccer is much more tiring than you originally thought. Well, here are some tips to make your bubble bump career smooth sailing!

  1. Attack hard

Attack like you mean it! Be fierce, be tough – a small push isn’t going to knock your friend over, you have to put in some effort! Bubble soccer suits are filled with air, and when you come into contact with your friend in another bubble bump suit, that’s as good as two suits between the both of you. You’re definitely going to need to put in some force if you intend to knock the other over!

  1. Hold your stance

If you see someone rushing towards you in a cosmic tackle, fret not! Stand your ground! As we mentioned above, in bubble soccer, never worry about the amount of force you’re going to use when tackling someone. So expect other players to try to knock the wind out of your lungs. The bubbles were meant to cushion the high impact, but really, brace yourself for impact, because you’ll fall if you have a poor defense stance!

  1. Get up fast

Don’t stay down! This may not matter so much at the start of the game, but when you feel tired, getting up feels like it takes ten times more energy. So don’t lose momentum and keep moving! In Bubble Soccer Singapore, the fastest way to get up would be from a position where your stomach is facing the ground. Simply get your toes to touch the ground from that position and hoist yourself up!

  1. Make sure the back straps are adjusted right

This is really important! The Bubble Soccer Singapore Singapore suits, although are light enough to be carried, can be a deadweight after a while. This is especially if you didn’t adjust the back straps to suit you. Your back should carry most of the weight so that your arms will not tire out as quickly! So be sure to make sure it’s adjusted properly for maximum comfort and conservation of energy!

Hopefully, these tips will help! But don’t forget the most important tip of all time – remember to have fun!