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4 Ready To Rumble Activities For You [2024]

Games that involve plenty of contact can create an adrenaline rush in our bodies, allowing us to enjoy ourselves. It is easier to forge a connection with your peers when there is already a physical one through playing close contact activities. So without further ado, let me introduce you to these activities.

Photo Zone

The game is simple with two teams. There will be an elevated platform positioned such that once players stand on; the camera will photograph them. As such the objective of the game is to do whatever it takes to let your face be captured by the camera, which involves climbing on to the platform. If you are wondering why this game sounds familiar, it is because it is from the Running Man Series (Anyone remembers Kang Gary’s calm look J). Two teams will get extremely chummy with each other and it is a nice way to compete with one another for any team building activity. Furthermore, there is no need for a photo session after that because you would already have nice pictures of the game.

Bubble Bump

Well, even though players are encased in the bubble suits, the blood rush that surges through the head is no less than any sports activity. No other game in our huge selection of games can offer a similar experience to the bounciness of Bubble Fun. If players didn’t actually play in the bubble suits, this game actually would be even more dangerous than rugby. So this can very well be considered a high impact contact sport, which is safe for everyone. There are many variations of this game, one of which is the ever-popular Bubble Soccer, if you want to have a blast, book a session with us by clicking here!

Bullet Ball

This exciting game of Bullet Ball (A.K.A Dodge Ball) may seem very basic at first, but the simpler the game the more fun it is. Everyone can instantly play at his or her best capabilities since there is no learning curve for such a game. The objective of the game is to avoid the balls thrown at you and to attack at your opponents by hurling balls at them either to the last man standing or until the designated ‘Queen’ is hit. Easy huh? The ball is on your court so try it out now!

Sumo Wrestling

This works in a very similar way to Bubble Bump. While Bubble suits are heavier and bulkier, the armour in Sumo Wrestling has now shrunk to the size of the fats of the Sumo Wrestler. This increases the amount of contact between Sumo players without endangering them. There are many ways to play this but so far the game modes are a 1v1 format. Players could either play this like a Sumo Wrestling match fashion where players toss each other out of the ring or they could run from point A to B to answer questions. What’s more, players will look more comical than ever, so it is fun both on and off the ring.

We are always looking for new games or ideas to get you guys engaged in your events. So tell us what new stuff you would like to experience and we will try our best to deliver!