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The 4 Types of Bubble Soccer Players You’ll See on the Pitch [2024]

For those who haven’t heard of Bubble Soccer yet, it’s essentially the combination of soccer and rugby. It’s not as rough as it seems and neither does it hurt anyone during the game. We’ve conducted so many Bubble Soccer games that we realize there are different kinds of players. Here are 4 types of Bubble Soccer players you’ll meet on the pitch:

  1. The Gentle

You would’ve guessed that most ladies actually fall under this category! This isn’t a gender stereotype but it’s based on what we’ve noticed during the games. Ladies have the tendency to just give their opponents a slight bump and run away. Why? Perhaps, they think that the slightest bump would create a huge impact. In reality, it doesn’t even do much.

  1. The Rough

When you have the gentle people, you’ll also have the rough ones out there. It’s normal to see the males being the rougher one with a handful of females joining them. They’re always more thrilled and pumped to bump into everyone during a Bubble Soccer game. This is when the fun begins and what the game is all about. How is it not funny to see your friends rolling all over the pitch? If you’d like to see more of this happening, be rough and get bumping!

  1. The Competitive Bubble Soccer Singapore Player

We know that being competitive is quite a good thing – but not when it’s unhealthy. The best kind of competition is actually a friendly competition. Whether it’s a friendly game or a competitive game, we know that there are some people who just want to win the game. Before a game of Bubble Soccer, the competitive ones will stretch their muscles first and then try getting into the Bubble suits. They will try running around in them just to familiarise with it before anyone else does so that they’re on top form when the game starts. They’re playing Bubble Soccer with only one thing in mind – to WIN!

  1. The Reluctant Bubble Soccer Singapore Player

Even before a game of Bubble Soccer starts, some players would already be reluctant to play. They’re either too worried about getting bumped too hard or getting injured. Little did they know that getting bumped hard is the fun part of the Bubble Soccer game. The Bubble suits are well cushioned so you need not worry about getting injured at all. The reluctant people usually require quite a bit of convincing before they set foot on the pitch. When the Bubble Soccer game is on, these people wouldn’t be the first to bump others. On top of that, they would also feel reluctant to bump into their own opponents and end up avoiding them throughout.