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4 Ways to enjoy the FIFA World Cup [2024]

Once every four years, the world goes into an uproar cheering for their favourite soccer teams. Singaporeans are no exception from the rest of the world. The World Cup gives us a great time for us to catch up with our friends, colleagues and family with the game we all love, like a national day holiday but once every four years. There are many ways to follow the event and enjoy the atmosphere, so we are here with you to share with you how.

1. Couch Potato Style

Pretty self-explanatory is it not? Pull out some chips from the cupboard, open a can of beer and start cheering for your team! Do this together with your family members or your friends, as they say, the more the merrier so take some time out and watch Messi’s helpless attempt at carrying the Argentine team. Nothing beats the luxury of watching soccer in the company of your closed ones and at the comfort of your own home. This is a rare quadrennial event, so despite everyone’s busy schedule, try to take some time out with the people you treasure. If you are like me and have no cable television, here is the schedule of the free matches that are showed live on television.

2. Live Public Screening

There are few places to do this. If you would like a nice seat and don’t mind paying some money for it, you could always head down to the bars, most of them are showing the matches live. And if you want a free live public screening, there are 55 community clubs showing all the matches live for free. Some of the community clubs even have games like Subbuteo (A table soccer game) that aims to create a festive atmosphere for the local community to enjoy this occasion. So if you want to head out, why not head to one of these places to soak in the FIFA World Cup atmosphere?

3. Do It Yourself

Well, as fans watching from behind the screens, we often lash out at players, “Even I can shoot better than you!” Perhaps you can try it yourself. I am kidding, but still, it would be a good thing if people could meet up to play the game itself. It will be a fun day out, sweating it out and having an enjoyable time together out on the pitch. Possibly even reminding you of the good old days of playing soccer together with your old friends. You can play soccer at any time, but now is probably the best time to bring it up since the world cup fever is still hanging around for quite awhile to go.

4. Bubble Soccer

My earlier recommendation was strictly for soccer players. Not all of us can play soccer, or that we know enough people who do, and hence my next suggestion, Bubble Soccer. While not exactly soccer, there is still a ball with two goal posts so it would be a good alternative. Everyone can partake in this easy game of Bubble Soccer and it would be a fun day out to commemorate the world cup of 2018. You could even use this opportunity as a team building activity for your workplace or just an outing with the friends or family. Click here to book your fun now!