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5 Bubble Ball Games You Need To Try At Your Next Clique Outing [2024]

  1. Bubble Soccer

A fun spin on traditional soccer, bubble soccer is guided by similar rules, except that players are wrapped in a giant inflated bubble from their knees up. The game enhances teamwork among players as they have a common goal to kick the ball into the opposing team’s goal area. Bubble soccer is also an amusing sight with your friends’ legs flailing around helplessly when they fall while fighting over the ball!

  1. Bubble Invasion

In bubble invasion, players from the same team must invade the penalty box area of the opposing team. The first team with all team members in the opposing team penalty box area at the same time will score a point. Bubble invasion will foster interaction between you and your friends as it requires careful strategizing to achieve your common goal of defeating the opposing team!

  1. Bubble Bowling

Bubble bowling offers a fun twist on the traditional bowling! Instead of using an actual bowling ball and pins, one of the players will act as a bowling ball while everyone else will stand in a bowling ball formation as human pins. In this version of bubble games, the human bowling ball has two tries to run towards the “pins” and attempt to knock them down.

  1. Bubble Sumo

Bubble sumo is the most straightforward and easiest to understand of all. The game involves two players in one round, in which players with their inflated bubbles will enter the ring. To be the winner, the player simply has to force the other party out of the ring!

  1. Bubble Music

If you love music and dancing, be sure to give this interesting bubble ball game a try with your pals! A hilarious combination of music and bubble dancing, bubble bump music unleashes the kid in you as you compete with your friends over territories. Plus, when else would you have the chance to watch your friends dance while trapped in a giant bubble?