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5 fun facts about bubble soccer [2024]

Many of us have heard of Bubble Soccer, where players are seen bumping into each other in hope of tackling one another to the ground and of course, scoring a goal. But what else do we know about it? Here are some fun facts about this crazy popular activity!

  1. Bubble Soccer originated from Norway

Bubble Soccer was invented in Norway, 2011, by two friends, Henrik Elevestad and Johan Golden. It started off as a joke, however, would gain popularity worldwide in just a few years.

  1. A YouTube video made it viral

In 2014, a video posted on YouTube from Algund, Italy, caused a huge spike in the Google’s search engines. There were millions of searches all over the world for Bubble Soccer Singapore within the week the video was uploaded.

  1. There is a National Association for Bubble Soccer

Yes, you read that right! The National Association for Bubble Soccer was established in 2014, after there were problems in establishing formal rules for the game, and acquiring equipment that was of proper quality for gameplay.

  1. It makes a great work out

When playing normal soccer, most would think that “Oh hey, it’s only going to be legs day today!” Well, if you think the same applies to Bubble Soccer, you thought wrong. Bubble suits are heavier than you think they are and are strapped onto your back as you play, complete with handles for you to hold onto. Effectively, this means that its arms, back, and legs day all in one!

  1. Bubble Soccer is a full contact game

Unlike most sports where only minimal or no contact is allowed, Bubble Soccer is the exact opposite! Get ready to tackle your opponents to the ground and watch your back for those going after you too. Not to worry, the bubble suit will cushion your falls!

There you have it, 5 fun facts about Bubble Soccer Singapore! Don’t forget to register with us for more Bubble Soccer fun!