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5 Quick Tips To Play Bubble Soccer Safely  [2024]

Are you ready for a bumping and smashing good time? That’s exactly what you’re in for a game of Bubble Soccer! It’s funny to watch your friends rolling over after getting bumped and you can just imagine how much fun they’re having. While enjoying yourself is the main objective, don’t forget that safety is still the top priority. So here are 5 quick tips to ensure you have a bumping good time while playing Bubble Soccer safely!

  1. Wear the Bubble Soccer suits properly

The first step to ensuring that everyone’s safe during the game is to wear your Bubble Soccer suits correctly. Before the Bubble Soccer game starts, our facilitators will show you exactly how to put them on. If it doesn’t sit quite nicely, you must’ve gone in the wrong way. Tip: your heads shouldn’t be protruding out of the Bubble Soccer suits!

  1. Bubble Soccer suits strap must be tight

Don’t think that you’re ready for Bubble Soccer once you’re in the suit! Test the Bubble Soccer suits by running around to see if it’s alright. Sometimes, the straps might be a little loose for you and it doesn’t feel comfortable running in the suit. Get the facilitator to adjust it to your preferred choice and you’re set to go.

  1. Look at the kind of people you’re playing with

Most people would be thrilled to play Bubble Soccer that they just dive right into it. If you’re a group of guys playing against girls, please be a little gentler on bumping! There are many times where girls would love to play Bubble Soccer but they get intimidated by the power of guys. Just be more mindful!

  1. Don’t resist the fall

There’s no way that you would be able to resist a bump and stay put in the same position. You will fall! Don’t be ashamed to hit the ground, as this doesn’t dictate your strength. Roll on to your stomach, get on your knees, and you’re up for the game.

  1. Health over anything else

If you’re feeling unwell, please do not risk your health by playing this game. It might just make you feel worse as you’re going to be running and bumping a lot. For those who feel unwell during the game, speak up too! It’s okay to back out of the game and get a replacement. If need be, our facilitators can join you in the Bubble Soccer game too!