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5 Reasons Why Bubble Soccer Is The Perfect Activity For Kids [2024]

Have no idea where to bring your kids during the school holidays? We have something for you! This holiday, bring the little ones out of some bubble soccer fun! Here are 5 reasons why you should let your kids create fond memories with bubble soccer.

  1. A Fun Spin On Traditional Games

A relatively new game, bubble soccer is similar to traditional soccer but with a unique twist to the sport. Guided by similar rules, the game is made much more exciting as players are encompassed in a giant bubble that covers their entire upper torso. The game not only makes for a hilarious sight when your little ones are wrapped in the giant bubbles but will also provide them with an unforgettable day of fun!

  1. Get A Fun Workout

Little kids have endless energy. It is not uncommon to see parents frantically trying to get their children to sit down and behave themselves while in shopping malls or even on public transport. If the above sounds like you, it’s time to let your kids have their fill of fun with bubble soccer! The best part? You don’t have to chase after them this time!

  1. No Injuries

Every parent has the same concerns when it comes to their kids. A common worry is their kids’ safety while participating in vigorous activities. Our answer to preventing such concerns from becoming reality is bubble soccer! Although usual sports are great for kids, accidents happen. More often than not, activities involving sports are accompanied by kids getting injured due to their recklessness and inability to care for themselves. However, in bubble soccer, players are cocooned in a giant inflated bubble from the knees up, minimising their chances of sustaining injuries! Even if your kid is bumped into or falls down, it wouldn’t hurt at all since they are basically cushioned by a huge bubble!

  1. Enhancing Teamwork

A unique version of soccer, bubble soccer is a great way to teach your kids about teamwork. The zorb-like bubble greatly restricts their movements, making it much more challenging for players to score a goal. Therefore, bubble soccer will certainly promote teamwork and encourage kids to work hand in hand to defeat their opponents. The game will also allow your kids to appreciate their teammates’ strengths while making up for each other’s weaknesses!

  1. Safer Indoor Venues

Bubble soccer is commonly held in indoor venues such as The Cage @ Kallang, Futsal Arena @ Yishun, and Premier Pitch @ Turf City. As compared to usual sports such as swimming or cycling, signing your kids up for bubble soccer means that won’t have to worry about bad weather ruining your plans! Furthermore, indoor surfaces are much safer as there is a slim chance of the little ones stepping on sharp or dangerous objects that might be lurking on outdoor fields.