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5 reasons why teambuilding is worth investing in [2024]

With a tight budget and schedule, companies may not be willing to invest in team building activities for their employees. However, many do not know that teambuilding is one of the most worthy investments they can do to improve productivity of the company and at the same time, the well being of their employees. Read on to understand why teambuilding is definitely worth the investment.

  1. Greater company loyalty & increased staff retention

When companies have teambuilding events, they break the barrier between staff of different rankings and bring them together to have a day of fun and also get to know more about their colleagues. Being able to know more about your employee in a fun and stress-free environment allows you to be able to bond with them on a more intimate level, further promoting company loyalty and increasing staff retention.

  1. Happier and healthier employees

Teambuilding activities provide a change in environment from employees’ everyday office lives, and they get to exercise with their colleagues with certain activities. Bonding team members through shared experiences definitely create common conversation topics among colleagues, enhancing bonding even after the activity. Exercise has also been known to release happy chemicals such as Dopamine and Endorphins in our brains, increasing feelings of pleasure and happiness, which results in happier and healthier employees.

  1. Improved productivity levels

On top of having happier and healthier employees, Dopamine also increases productivity in employees. The increase in dopamine in the system helps employees stay focused, productive, and motivated.

  1. Lower medical bills in the long run

Investing in teambuilding that requires a certain level of activity would definitely reduce the company’s medical costs in the long run. As employees become fitter and much more active, their immune system becomes stronger and their bodies have a stronger defence against infections. For employees who have not been exercising prior to the teambuilding activity, who knows, they might fall in love with exercising and decide to continue exercising regularly.

  1. Rewarding staff

Teambuilding activities can also be something that you can reward your staff with after all the effort that they have put in for your company. Your staff may have OT-ed till really late a few nights in a row or even came back to the office on a Saturday to finish up some stuff. Nevertheless, teambuilding activities would be a great way to reward staff and let them have a break, while at the same time, improving the staff relationships among one another to ensure smooth communication within the company.

Teambuilding is not something that happens overnight. It takes patience and commitment, and a large amount of planning to make every event work. But if the return on investment is high, why not consider investing in teambuilding for your company and employees to make the workplace a much happier place.