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5 Team Building Lessons You Can Learn From Bubble Soccer [2024]

Team building games are meant to be fun while still teaching you a lesson. If all you’re hearing are groans, chances are you’ve picked a boring activity that doesn’t benefit your team at all. It’s important to pick games that you think your team will enjoy and learn something from it. There’s no better way to conduct a team building activity than with many rounds of bubble soccer. Here are 5 team building lesson you’ll learn from bubble soccer!
1. Risks are worth taking
Most of us are afraid to take the risk simply because it might end up failing. If you did take the risk, there’s also a possibility that you might succeed in it. So why not just go for it? In a game of bubble soccer, you wouldn’t want to wait for long to score especially in that bubble suit. Whether it’s the centre of the pitch or at the corner, try going in for a score. It’s either a hit or a miss. Either way, you’re going to learn something from it. Missing the shot will allow you to learn from your mistakes while scoring will give you the confidence to score another goal. Be the kind of person that would rather die knowing that he failed than think if he had only taken the risk.
2. Work as a team
It’s impossible for you to run away from doing group projects. Like it or not, you have to work with other team members. There’s no ‘I’ in team which means that group projects need to be a team effort. You can learn about teamwork through the many rounds of bubble soccer. Being sportier than the rest wouldn’t make you a better player. In fact, you can work as a team and plan the roles of each person in the bubble soccer game. Team members need to cooperate with each other so there’s better teamwork. It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose as you’re doing this as a team.
3. Spread positivity
You don’t have to be the fittest person in the office to be able to play bubble soccer. Bubble soccer is suitable for people of all ages and genders! As you’ll be running around in a bubble suit, it would feel like a workout too. But this workout would be the best you’ve ever had! Not only is it fun, you’re going to feel a lot more positive. When has anyone exercised and felt negative? Never. With this positivity, it could potentially feed on others. Perhaps your team didn’t do so well on the first round. Don’t fret! Motivate each other to do better for the next round. You’ll be amazed at how positivity drives the team!
4. Learn how to communicate well
Miscommunications happen but it can also be avoided if you learn how to communicate effectively. Bubble soccer is not just about bumping around, kicking the ball, and scoring a goal. There needs to be some form of communication and strategising before the start of the game. Come up with a plan on how you would counter your opponent as a team and execute it. If everything goes as planned, it only means that you’ve managed to communicate effectively as the message got across properly.
5. Pick up a new skill
Imagine having to sit on your desk all year round. No one would’ve been able to withstand the similar routine. It’s good to take a break from work every once in awhile so you can come back with a clearer mind. The best way to break free from work is to pick up a new skill. Believe it or not, bubble soccer actually teaches you new skills. You can discover on how to score a goal, to get up after getting bumped, and bumping others. After a tiring but refreshing game, you can get back to work and be more productive.
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