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5 things you’ll only experience with Bubble Soccer at Bubble Bump Singapore [2024]

Check out the 5 things you’ll only experience with Bubble Soccer at Bubble Bump Singapore 
1.    What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. With our inflated bubble soccer suits, fear not the worry of falling but instead, embrace the adrenaline of the bump! Our bubble soccer suits are built to resist high impact so it’s time to suit up for some blood pumping, body bumping action!
2.    Bubble Bump a day keeps the doctor away. Say goodbye to your fats! Our Bubble Soccer games at Bubble Bump Singapore are a unique and enjoyable way to keep fit. Besides, we provide a wide variety of Bubble Soccer games that would definitely give you a whole new experience on the meaning of a workout. So tell me what’s better than enjoying your exercise?

3.    Being in your own bubble soccer suit, literally. We designed the Bubble Suits to fit almost anyone of different shapes and sizes, so don’t you worry because once you are in the bubble soccer suit, everyone will be equal! Moreover, there’s no better way to say ‘oops, sorry I was living in my own bubble’ if you do mess up your teams’ chances of winning a Bubble Soccer game!

4.    Revenge is a dish best served cold. So you definitely do not want to miss the chance of bumping your evil bosses onto the cold hard floor. (Kidding about the revenge) But yes Bubble Bump Singapore allows you to find hilarious ways to make your friends fall in all ways- be sneaky and bump your opponents from behind or chose to be gung ho and ‘Rambo’ your way through a mass of bubble suits. Hey, it’s your choice, but we will leave you with this. Bump hard or go home.
5.    Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind. Bubble Bump Singapore provides with many creative Bubble Soccer team-bonding games to build closer relations with family and friends- suitable for all kinds of events from birthday parties to cooperate events. So blood-related or not, Bubble Bump Soccer provides a bumping good time that will bring about closer ties to all!