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5 Truths About Bubble Soccer Games [2024]

Whether you’re a hardcore soccer fan or not, you’ll love the game of Bubble Soccer. Bubble Soccer by Bubble Bump provides a twist to the usual soccer games by incorporating a bubble suit. It’s almost impossible for you not to let out a laugh or smirk at the first sight of it. All that aside, some may not be convinced to take up the game of Bubble Soccer because they’re worried of all sorts of possibilities. Let us address your worries and hopefully change the minds of those who aren’t convinced to give it a try!

  1. Bubble Soccer originated from Norway

It all started off as a joke between 2 Norwegian hosts of the comedy sports show Golden Goal. But it became a reality when a video of Bubble Soccer appeared on YouTube in 2014. The Bubble Soccer video went viral and so many wanted to try out the game. So Singapore had to hop on the bandwagon and introduced this game here!

  1. Bubble Soccer is a safe gameplay

We know that your biggest worry about Bubble Soccer is it not being safe. What if someone bumps into me too hard? Will I get injured? Can guys and girls play together? In the game of Bubble Soccer, you’re definitely going to get bumped and fall to the ground. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll hurt yourself or get injured. The bubble suits are designed to be bigger than you and filled with air, which act like cushions. It’s also possible for both guys and girls to play in the same game. So save your worries for something else worth worrying about.

  1. Bubble Soccer can be conducted indoors and outdoors

Location isn’t really an issue for Bubble Soccer. You’re given the option to choose between having it indoors or outdoors. We offer partnering venues that are sheltered so be it rain or shine – the Bubble Soccer game will still be on. Our partnering venues include The Cage, Premier Pitch, and Futsal Arena at Yishun. Alternatively, you can suggest the area where you would like to have the Bubble Soccer. Just ensure that the venue you want to hold the Bubble Soccer game is not on a hard ground.

  1. Bubble Soccer doesn’t require a full-sized soccer pitch to play

Bubble Soccer is often played at a futsal court as opposed to a soccer pitch. Truth is, you don’t need such a big space to go running around. A bigger space doesn’t always mean it’s better. You’ll be panting and sweating buckets before you know it. Let’s just stick to the futsal court!

  1. Bubble Soccer is for both kids and adults

We’re not only limiting the Bubble Soccer fun to adults. Even kids can join in the game of Bubble Soccer! Not to fret, your kids will not be drowning in the adult-sized bubble suits. We have specially brought in kids sized bubble suits for them to wear and play too. For those with really active kids, bring your kids on a Bubble Soccer date and we’re sure that this will drain out their energy.