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6 Unique Personalities On The Bubble Bump Pitch [2024]

Not everyone behaves in the same way, and this is definitely true for the Bubble Soccer Pitch. We have mainly categorized 6 unique entities that you may find very relevant to your team building experience. These are very interesting types that I believe are there if you are conscious of it. So today let’s see if we can slot you and the people you play with into these unique personality categories. Note that you could just be a ‘Normal’ player like the majority of us are. ( P.S. I know I am not a Normie)

“Siao On”

In the office, there will be this hyper-enthusiastic individual that cannot seem to be on the same wavelength as others. Everyone is producing their 100% and this guy is at his 120%. Bring this to the Bubble Soccer pitch; he is a hard worker and an inspirational team leader. But whether or not he could inspire his teammates is a whole other issue.

Strategy is Key to Victory Guy

This guy wants to win and like many other deluded souls, believes he/she knows the secrets of the game. He/she will ask for trust to be placed in him/her and eventually, after much persuasion the team will buy into this ‘sound strategy’. 3 out of 4 times, the team suffers complete confusion on the pitch. Well, let’s just say drastic tabletop strategies are better off untested. We advise to just have fun, keep it simple and the result will take care of itself.

The Blur Sotong

If you ever hear “OMG AH HUAT, You are my team ah?!” or something like “Which goal I suppose to score ah? I think I helping the wrong side for a while le…” then you have found the blur sotong of your group. I really like these guys; they crack us up while some of us could get all competitive. They make us remember that this is all fun and games and most importantly giving us all a good laugh for ages to come.

“What time is it?”

Let’s face it, there is always a teeny weeny minority that just cannot wait up the clock to tick faster. You could spot them to be relatively inactive/ stationary and clearly more engaged with their phones than the activity or people around him or herself. If sighted, we believe that it would be best to gently nudge them in the right direction. Help the person loosen up and remember why they are here. Get them to be a part of the team, to be involved and play an active role in the gameplay. Don’t worry; we will be there too to help with the hyping up.


There will always be this guy who is clearly stellar in Futsal. You will witness them trying to show off his/her skills first by themselves by juggling the ball or shooting the ball at rocket speed without the bubble etc. But as the saying goes, “the greater the expectation, the greater the disappointment.” When the Bubble is mounted on though, he/she will try their best to no avail. And maybe we will all laugh when he falls in his bubble and can’t seem to get up. Well, this is a game of bubble bump, no need to bring out the big guns.

The Hulk

While rare, it is indeed true and not an urban legend. From time to time, there will be this quiet person who becomes the biggest thing on the bubble soccer pitch. The individual can be seen to send people left right centre. Maybe it is just the venting mechanism of the individual, channelling the rage into a positive area like Bubble Soccer. Never thought our games are good for your mental health too right?