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Why Bubble Bump is the Best Bubble Soccer company in Singapore? [2024]

There seems to be a growing number of team building games available today. However, many still choose Bubble Bump as their go-to team building for Bubble Soccer activity. Who would’ve known that a simple looking zorb ball could create so much fun? This is so true especially in the history of Bubble Bump as we’ve received many positive remarks from our clients of Bubble Soccer. But before diving into the pitch with Bubble Soccer, here are the top 3 facts of Bubble Bump Singapore you need to know.

  1. Number 1 Bubble Soccer Singapore provider

We are the biggest Bubble Soccer provider in this tiny island! With over 100 kids and adults Bubble Soccer suits, we ensure that there’s something for everyone. Bubble Soccer is also not limited to only playing it the soccer style. Join us in a game of Bubble Soccer to find out more! Moreover, Bubble Soccer is a perfect activity for birthday parties as well as any team building session. Let us know the details of your event and we’ll plan everything out for you. Bubble Bump Singapore only wants to provide nothing but the best service and experience one can ever get!

  1. Convenient Locations

As we’ve mentioned before, Bubble Bump Singapore gives you the luxury of choosing the location of your choice. The good thing about Bubble Soccer games is it can be conducted both indoors and outdoors. For instance, you can choose to play Bubble Soccer in an indoor sports hall that’s fully air-conditioned. That would work too! If you have a backyard big enough to hold a Bubble Soccer game, you can suggest that venue to us! Alternatively, you can pick our partnering locations, which are conveniently located near MRT stations.

  1. Our Bubble Suits Are Odor-Free

Bubble Bump Singapore takes pride in keeping high standards of cleanliness and hygiene. So many people have had their worries of the bubble suits being dirty and smelly. Yes, it’s normal to sweat in the Bubble suits while you’re playing. At Bubble Bump Singapore, we clean the Bubble suits with disinfectant spray after every round of game. On top of that, we also clean the Bubble suits weekly so each Bubble suit that comes to you is fresh! Did we also mention that we’re the only Bubble Soccer provider in Singapore to have custom-design sweat proof straps?