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Bubble Soccer Or Poolball [2024]

If you happen to be stuck on an impasse on which team-building activity is suitable for you, I hope after reading this you will have a clearer picture on which to choose. Two very popular games amongst our repertoire now are Bubble Soccer (AKA Bubble Bump) and Pool ball and they share many similarities – Both have many balls and both are extremely fun games for your day out. So let’s start weighing the pros versus the even better pros.

1.The Crowd

To understand which game is better you must first understand the crowd you are bringing to these games. While we purport that everyone can play both games as both games have no safety or age restrictions at all, some people may still be wary of playing in the seemingly ‘aggressive’ game of bubble bump or others may not enjoy the slower tempo game of pool ball. Both games are popular with most crowds, but you still have to ensure everyone is okay with the type of game played. Normally, the older generation would be cautious of bubble soccer while the younger ones would shun pool ball for a more wild game of bubble soccer. Get to know your crowd.

2.The Clowning Moments

Bubble Bump offers the fun-filled moments where bubble humans bounce all over the pitch. Moreover, you get the opportunity to send your dumbfounded boss flying because he deserves it for staring into blank space right on the pitch. Whereas for Pool ball your colleagues will probably watch you blindfolded trying to kick the ball, which means you will trip and everyone gets a hearty laugh about it for weeks. I think pool ball offers the laughs better than bubble bump though Bubble soccer still does offer each individual player a fun experience shared together with their teammates. It is a tad different kind of fun, but my preference is for Pool ball on this.

3. Team Building Experience

Pool ball relies on the cooperation of teammates a lot as they work in unison to accomplish the objective of scoring all the pool balls. This builds trust, friendships and communication amongst the team when playing the game. Teammates rely on and talk to one another to do various tasks, sometimes even turning into a silly spectacle for everyone to laugh and start joking around. For Bubble Soccer, it gives players the adrenaline to loosen up, to get so immersed in the game that they no longer remember they are technically in work. It is easier to bond with your teammates when everyone had a fun exciting time getting pumped up together. So this point I will attribute it to Bubble bump because I believe this is a better way to warm up both physically and mentally – to thaw the ice between teammates.

All in all, both games are on a different end of a spectrum for team building activities. As our sales team likes to say, why not have a game of Bubble soccer and then Pool Ball after. The games work best when played one after another, both are fun but of a different kind as illustrated earlier. Besides having a chill event mixed with a gung-ho event is better since most of us have stamina issues. I am in no way underestimating you, bubble bump has a way to make you run more than you think you have to. So next time you have a cohesion, try having it this way!