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Why are our Bubble Soccer partnering venues awesome? (The Cage Kallang) [2024]

Check out the various awesome things you can do at one of our partner venues, The Cage@Kallang!
The Cage @ Kallang
Address: 28 Jalan Benaan Kapal, Singapore 399635
The Cage @ Kallang is the ideal location for the sporty, the outgoing and adventurous. With many new malls and the newly built Singapore Sports Hub just around the corner, let me take you through some of the other post-activities that Kallang offers, after your Bubble Soccer session with Bubble Bump Singapore!
1. Take a tour around the New Singapore Sports Hub
If you haven’t already taken a walk around our new Sports Hub, I advise you to do so soon. Because it is majestic. Especially when the afternoon sun shines down on the mammoth of a modern structure. You’d be amazed by just how long you will spend exploring the different angles and activities that the Hub offers.
2. Check out the Kallang Wave Mall
Situated right beside the Sports Hub is the Kallang Wave Mall and boy is this mall designed for the Bubble Soccer junkies in all of us. Right smack in the middle of the mall is the main attraction. A towering Rock structure built for all to try their hands at rock climbing. So if you and your friends are still game for more sporty activities after your fun Bubble Soccer session with Bubble Bump Singapore (Yes we do provide ‘chill’ games like Poolball as well), head on down to Kallang Wave Mall and give rock climbing a shot!
3. Wind down along the Kallang River
We totally understand that some of our Bubble Bump games (Especially Bubble Soccer) can take out even the most energetic of clients. So if you are totally burned out after your event with us, you can warm down with your friends or family by taking a stroll along the Kallang River and enjoying the good old sun set and cool breeze by the river side.