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Commonwealth Secondary School [2024]

Mr Cheong, the Discipline Master of Commonwealth Secondary School was tasked to source for suitable team building vendors in Singapore with qualified MOE-certified trainers.

Mr Cheong was looking for ways to teach his students the values of Servant Leadership. His request was simple. He wants to use Bubble Soccer to teach, motivate and engage his students. However, Mr Cheong had difficulty looking for a Bubble Soccer company with qualified MOE-certified trainers.

This year would be the second time working with Commonwealth Secondary School. In the previous event, we were tasked to reward, recognize and re-energise the students. Due to his positive experience with us previously, Mr Cheong decided to engage Bubble Bump again this year!

Moreover, our master Bubble Soccer trainers are also MOE registered instructors. They possess the Values and Principles in Sports (VPS) certification endorsed by Sport Singapore.

The Games

Our Bubble Soccer games were planned with the aim to motivate and inspire the students through the power of play. Due to our good working relationship with Commonwealth Secondary school, planning and modifying the Bubble Soccer games were a breeze!

While planning the Bubble Soccer games, we also ensured that the sessions were informative, stimulative and highly participative.

Focusing on the main objective, the students had to think about and respond to the key values of Servant Leadership through the various gameplay.

Over a period of 2 months, weekly game sessions were conducted by our facilitators.

Their main game session was Bubble Bump Soccer! Moreover, it is a fun and lively icebreaker which allowed participants to bump around and search for clues for their next game session.

The Results

Finally, at the end of each session, the students left with a smile on their faces. They had so much fun learning the important values of Servant Leadership through our games and activities!

Mr Cheong was extremely pleased with the results! He could not wait to engage us again for his new batch of students!