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The Complete Bubble Bump Guide for Corporate Team Building [2024]

Are you struggling to find new activities for the next team building session? Not to fret as we have got you covered with our most exciting activity – bubble bump! It is a combination of two contact sports – rugby and soccer – except that it is a lot safer. To those interested in this game, here’s a complete bubble bump guide for team building!

Why play Bubble Bump?

Bubble bump is a popular team building game as it is fun and fulfils the objectives of any team building. It promotes teamwork such as scoring the next goal or knocking down your opponent. Besides, you will also have to strategise with your teammates on how to win the game and this encourages communication between one another.

As we have also mentioned before, bubble bump is actually safer than playing rugby and soccer. Tackling is still encouraged in a game of bubble soccer but safety is still guaranteed as the cushions from the bubble suit will protect you. So save your worries about getting injured and fully focus on the bubble bump game.

Additionally, bubble bump makes for a great substitute to a mundane workout routine. Running around while kicking the ball and trying to score a goal already takes quite a bit of effort. If you end up getting bumped, it takes a lot more energy just to get back up and be in the game. But thankfully, our bubble bump games lasts for only 5 to 10 minutes per round. Yes, do not underestimate the power of this game burning you out. Hence, it is important to pace yourselves to ensure that you can stay longer in the game!

Best locations for Bubble Bump

Futsal Arena @ Yishun

If convenience is what you are after, choose Futsal Arena @ Yishun as your location. The court is a mere 10 minutes walk from the Yishun MRT and just right behind the bus interchange. Those driving by car can also park their vehicle at one of their 30 public parking lots in front of the futsal courts. The area is fully sheltered and equipped with fans in every pitch so great ventilation is guaranteed. There are vending machines for you to hydrate yourselves after a tiring session. You can also freshen up as they have shower facilities and then head over to Northpoint City to grab a meal.

The Cage @ Kallang

Looking for a centralised place? The Cage @ Kallang is the best option for you. Whether rain or shine, bubble bump games still go on as the futsal pitches here are fully sheltered. Each pitch also comes with a huge fan and opened windows that make ventilation great as well. The bonus here is being able to blast your music throughout your team building event. With the futsal pitches having its own place, it is also perfect for those who prefer privacy. There are also shower facilities available at every pitch for you to freshen up before going to Kallang Wave Mall to eat your dinner!

MND @ Tanjong Pagar

We also have another partner venue which is MND @ Tanjong Pagar. In addition to its sheltered location, it is air conditioned too! They also have vending machines for you to quench your thirst after an hour of running around. As with most futsal pitches, this one has shower facilities too! Another plus point of this area is it is a walking distance from the MRT. Hence, you can head over to town to enjoy the nightlife right after the bubble bump games.

Your Own Location

While some people prefer playing at our partner venues, there are others who prefer having it at their own venue. We heard you! Let us know the location and we will bring bubble bump to you. It can be in a school, a basketball court, an open field – you name it.

Best games for Bubble Bump

Bubble Bump Soccer: Put on the bubble suit on and begin kicking the soccer ball. Your aim is to score a goal in your opponent’s goalpost. There are no rules to it – no goalkeeper, no free kick etc. Just ensure you knock your opponents down to buy more time and be in longer possession of the ball. The team with the most number of score wins!

Bubble Bump Invasion: This is like a game of rugby except that there is no ball involved. Each team will have to stand at the rectangular box and run when the whistle blows. The aim is to bump into your opponents and get to their rectangular box with all team members in it. The first team to get all members in their opponent’s rectangular box bags the champion title!

Best packages for Bubble Bump

Duration: minimum 1 hour

Minimum Group Size: 8 – 10 pax (recommended)

Trainers: 2 per equipment set

1 equipment set includes: 10 bubble suits, photography (mobile phone)

Add-ons: Catering, Corporate Gifts, Sound System, Bus Transport

Should you require a custom team building package, get in touch with The Fun Empire now for a free quotation!