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8 Best Craft Workshops to Explore in Singapore [2024]

Craft Workshops Singapore

Best Craft Workshops Singapore
Best Craft Workshops Singapore

Looking for something fun and creative to do in Singapore? Check out our list of the 8 Best Craft Workshops to Explore in Singapore! These workshops are perfect for anyone who wants to learn new skills and explore their creative side. From painting to pottery, there is something for everyone!

Benefits of Craft Workshops

Crafts workshops are a wonderful opportunity to develop your creativity and acquire new skills. Aside from that, taking art classes can help you launch the company of your dreams.

For those who want to learn a new talent, such as brush calligraphy or jewelry making, craft classes offer a pleasant and creative outlet. What more could you ask for, really? The best art schools will teach you the fundamentals of art while also guiding you through your artistic abilities with a lighthearted touch.

Tips when attending Craft Workshops in Singapore

When attending a craft workshop in Singapore, make sure to:

  • Be on time to make the most of the workshop.
  • For a stroll, choose comfortable clothing and footwear.
  • Pay close attention to the teacher’s instructions, and let her know if you have any questions.
  • Have fun and create some art!

Craft Workshops in Singapore

1. Virtual Art Jamming

Virtual Art Jamming - Craft Workshops Singapore
Virtual Art Jamming – Craft Workshops Singapore

If you’re looking for something entertaining to do throughout the day, you want to check out this Virtual Art Jamming session. Without a doubt, this relaxing session of artistic activities will please art enthusiasts. There is no prerequisite knowledge required!

In this craft store, you can participate in a wide variety of art seminars and projects, including painting, drawing, and pretty much anything else that catches your fancy.

Because this team building session can be done remotely, it is ideal for business events that will take place remotely. The materials will all be delivered right to your house as well!

These fun craft workshops are perfect for anyone with high-quality craft spirits who wanted to have their own art space and be involved and trained in creative workshops. This can be a learning journey to your newly loved hobby.

2. Terrarium Making

Terrarium Making - Craft Workshops Singapore
Terrarium Making – Craft Workshops Singapore

Making terrariums is a fun craft course you ought to attend. Anyone seeking to learn how to create their own tiny garden will benefit greatly from these entertaining craft classes. Depending on your selections, FunEmpire even enables you to build a bottle-based herb garden!

You might learn how to build and maintain your very own terrarium in a terrarium-building course. Along with being given the flexibility to select your own plants and accessories, you will learn about the various plants that may be utilized in terrariums.

Individuals who love plants and have a green thumb would benefit greatly from team building exercises like these! Additionally, no prior knowledge is necessary because Fun Empire has devoted facilitators who will assist you in experiencing nature and greenery despite living in a metropolis.

So a Terrarium Making Workshop by the FunEmpire is the ideal workshop for you if you want to learn about gardening and enjoy some creative creating.

3. Art Jamming Singapore

Art Jamming - Craft Workshops Singapore
Art Jamming – Craft Workshops Singapore

Check out Art Jamming Singapore if you’re looking for an original and enjoyable weekend activity. It’s a great activity for encouraging teamwork among coworkers as well.

Painting, drawing, and painting tote bags are just a few of the art lessons and activities offered at this craft store. Anyone who likes to spend time with others and meet new individuals will love these creative crafts.

You’ll have a blast utilizing your creativity to create crazy designs during this enjoyable adventure. You may make your own masterpiece with only acrylic paint, a fundamental knowledge of art history, fundamental abilities, and quality time with the people you love.

4. Virtual Terrarium

Virtual Terrarium Making - Craft Workshops Singapore
Virtual Terrarium Making – Craft Workshops Singapore

Virtual Terrarium, do craft workshops in the comfort of your own home. Also, art workshop can heal your inner artist within, even though you get your hands dirty, you’ll create art, and soon if you’ll grow, be a craft atelier.

Despite the fact that you are scattered around the globe, make the most of your time spent with your far-off employees. Ideal for professional gatherings and team-building activities! Get messy by taking part in our Fun Empire craft activities.

You will participate in a workshop using Zoom or another online video conferencing tool, which is similar to taking online classes, and learn how to build a project while you follow your computer screen. The staff needs to attend the greatest business workshops accessible!

5. Leather Crafting Workshop

Leather Crafting Workshop - Craft Workshops Singapore
Leather Crafting Workshop – Craft Workshops Singapore

The FunEmpire leather craft workshop is the ideal option if you’re seeking for something special to do in your free time. You will learn how to make stunning and unique leather accessories and leather goods in this art course.

A leather workshop is the finest kind of workshop for you if you want to learn about leatherworking and take part in some creative production.

6. Candle-Making Workshop

Candle Making Workshop - Craft Workshops Singapore
Candle Making Workshop – Craft Workshops Singapore

Make your own candle today for a few hours! Make your DIY scented home decor today and indulge your obsession with candles (even using your own signature perfume). Learn more about advanced classes on soy or gel candles at FunEmpire.

With the use of dried flowers and essential oils to design your candles, this is one of the company’s artisan courses that will undoubtedly get your creative juices flowing.

Your friends and coworkers will definitely enjoy themselves at this candle-making workshop.

7. Clay-Making Workshop

Clay Making Workshop - Craft Workshops Singapore
Clay Making Workshop – Craft Workshops Singapore

Ever taken a soap-making course? For example, you may make handcrafted home décor items to put on display in your houses by taking part in a clay workshop.

Create your own tiny clay sculptures of whatever subject you desire, such as urban life. With your friends right now, engage in pleasant activities like these, or get inspired by vintage artwork!

This art facility is a great place to celebrate birthdays and where you can finally fulfill your childhood dream of taking a pottery class.

8. Virtual Leather Crafting Workshop

Virtual Leather Crafting Workshop - Craft Workshops Singapore
Virtual Leather Crafting Workshop – Craft Workshops Singapore

If you wish to join in the leather workshop, there is no need for you to leave your cozy home. The DIY House Kit from FunEmpire may let you make leather products at home and will be delivered right to your door.

Don’t forget to stop by FunEmpire right now! Additionally, they offer a variety of craft workshops, each with a DIY Home Kit. Similar to attending art workshops at home.

Bullet Ball

Bullet Ball - Craft Workshops Singapore
Bullet Ball – Craft Workshops Singapore

Bullet ball – Dodgeball is making a huge comeback, and our special version of it is quickly moving to the top of our list of games to play.


Poolball - Craft Workshops Singapore
Poolball – Craft Workshops Singapore

Play poolball in Singapore to have a ball – quite literally! This unique game is the combination of two favorites, football and pool.

The game is significantly more entertaining because you play with your feet rather than cue sticks. Soccer balls are kicked into pockets on a huge pool table to score goals.

Whether you play with friends or complete strangers, this life-sized rendition of a game that is usually played on a tabletop is enjoyable for everyone.

If you like soccer and want more action when you next visit, come try poolball.

Craft Workshops Singapore

It’s a fantastic method to develop new abilities and make lovely things to locate craft studios in Singapore.

Whether you want to learn how to make leather, candles, or clay, FunEmpire has the ideal workshop for you. For a comprehensive list of all the Team Building Singapore services they provide, go to their website.

You can learn calligraphy, tapestry weaving, silkscreen printing, and other crafts from the many talented individuals who call Singapore home by visiting one of our many craft classes there.

Singapore workshops that are inexpensive

FunEmpire offers reasonably priced programs that are perfect for anybody looking to learn new skills and create beautiful things, with individual lessons starting at just $19.
Visit their website for a list of all the various workshops they offer, as well as affordable workshops in Singapore from other artists and crafters.

Virtual team-building workshops

There’s little doubt that the virtual team-building exercises provided by FunEmpire will help your business’s employees form close ties. Our virtual workshops will be a fantastic asset to groups that want to learn new skills and create appealing products as a team.