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The Differences Between Bubble Soccer and Soccer [2024]

Bubble soccer or bubble bump football is a kind of sport that involves playing soccer in a massive zorb ball. It can be played in indoor spaces or outdoor fields, which can be of your preferred location. Most people would’ve thought that bubble soccer and soccer are the same game. While some things may be similar, there are differences in the two sports. So here are 5 differences between bubble soccer and soccer!

  1. Wearing a bubble suit

What’s a bubble soccer game without a bubble suit? This is the most distinct difference between bubble soccer and soccer. Besides, it’s pretty hard to miss such a giant looking ball bouncing or running about.

  1. No goalkeepers needed

Actual soccer games have goalkeepers guarding the goalpost. With bubble soccer, everything else is similar except that you don’t need to assign anyone to look stand by the goalpost. However, this rule isn’t specified in the game. So if you’d like to play smart, get one of your team members to be the goalkeeper.

  1. Players don’t necessarily have a designated role in the game

This one’s to make things simpler for those who have never played soccer. Soccer games usually have players playing positions such as the left midfielder, a defensive midfielder, striker, right back, and the list could go on. To not complicate the game, there are no such positions in bubble soccer.

  1. It is very safe

The best thing about playing bubble soccer is you get to fall and roll around. With the bubble suit on, there are lesser chances for you to get injured. You can trip someone, let him or her fall flat on the face, and totally not feel guilty about it. Likewise, don’t resist the fall if anyone did that to you in return!

  1. Not a 90-minute game

The bubble soccer game doesn’t last for a full 90 minutes. In fact, it only goes on for 10 minutes per round. It seems short but this 10 minutes will be the most tired you’ve been. Despite all that, the great company and thrill of this game will get you wanting for many more rounds!