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How to stop Procrastinating [2024]

Have you ever reached a stage whereby you feel like you are drowning in all your work? Maybe you feel like your work is never ending, and before you even finish anything on hand, more comes and you start to feel overwhelmed. You see your table pile up, and one day, you had enough. You decide to clear everything as fast as possible, but the massive pile makes you want to procrastinate even more. So how do you stop procrastinating and start doing? Here are 5 steps to help you get you back to your A-game!

  1. Write a whole list of what you need to do

Yes. Even if the pile looks massive and messy and unorganized. You need to start by getting yourself together before getting your work together. Write out a list of what you need to do and so that everything is covered. It’s definitely best to write it on a piece of paper, as traditional methods always tend to make you feel more compelled to do.

  1. Categorize them according to importance or difficulty

You might be able to skip this step, but it’s best to categorize them according to importance to see which one you should start first. Always do the one that’s the most important/urgent. But if you don’t have a specific date to do by for all, do the easiest one first. It works for different people but I like to finish the easiest work first to tick things off the checklist.

  1. Plan your day

You only have a limited number of hours at work, and I’m sure no one wants to bring his or her work home to do, or do OT. Section your time realistically to finish your work. Don’t leave too little time for something that takes a few hours, or leave too much time for something that takes only a few minutes. Plan your time well and you will get your stuff done in no time!

  1. Start doing them and tick them off the list

Yup, just start. Don’t procrastinate anymore after planning, and tick them off. Ticking them off helps you get a better sense of the remaining work left, and also makes you feel better about yourself for clearing your work!

  1. Repeat

Congratulations! You are done clearing your work! But while you were clearing your overdue work, new work continues to come in and fill up your desk again. Regardless, at least you don’t have old + new workload, and that’s great! Repeat the steps all over again, and once you are fast enough, you will definitely reach a point where you finish your work.

But if you ever feel jaded from constantly working and need a break from working with your colleagues, there are many activities that you can do with them to de-stress and have fun, such as Bubble Bump, Combat Archery Tag, and more! Work hard, play hard, and balance your life well.