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Bubble Soccer with Microsoft Singapore [2024]

Microsoft Singapore

Microsoft held a Bubble Soccer team building day with us, with a turnout of more than 250 participants!

The Client

Yukiko was tasked to organize a series of fun and unique team building sessions for their staff. After some research online, Yukiko was attracted to Bubble Bump Singapore. She is attracted to our unique games such as Bubble Soccer and decided to engage us for their yearly corporate event.

With participants ranging from the early 20s to the late 50s, we had to come up with a comprehensive schedule of activities.

The main objective of the Bubble Soccer session was to bridge the gap between employees. Thus, the sessions were focused on fostering friendship, improving teamwork and communication.

The Games

We proposed a few different games such as Bubble Soccer to suit the different energy levels of the participants. As it was a full day event, there was catering and refreshments provided as well!

Yukiko had concerns that the participants would not interact with each other as they will be at different pitches. Thus, we proposed ending the Bubble Soccer event with a huge mass game to engage the participants from their various pitches

The Event

It was a bright and sunny morning as the participants came streaming in Kovan Sports Centre.  After a detailed Bubble Soccer briefing by our facilitator, the participants broke into teams and started the games.

They were smiling happily as they strategized in their teams and work together to accomplish the Bubble Soccer game missions.  A quick debrief was conducted by our facilitators to discuss the game strategies before breaking for refreshments.

Our games objectives required a lot of teamwork and communication because every participant had a different role to play.

The Results

Finally, the Bubble Soccer event ended with a huge bang! The participants went home with fun memories and precious team building values. Yukiko was glad that the Bubble Soccer event was a success! Most of all, the participants were seen interacting and engaging with each other throughout the event.

A major contribution to the day was also the role of our facilitators! They ensured that the activities and participants were well managed!