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Play Bubble Soccer like Marouane Fellaini [2024]

Play Bubble Soccer like Marouane Fellaini
Play Bubble Soccer like Marouane Fellaini

After reading this, I will be lying if you could dribble like either Ronaldo or Messi because let’s face it, even those two probably can’t do it in a bubble suit. Or maybe they can. But what I hope to do here is to help you understand the basics of soccer, to improve your bubble soccer game, so if you think you will be lost on the pitch, this is for you! The FIFA World Cup is starting soon, if you feel the hype for playing soccer, a different kind of soccer, we have the right game for you here.

1.  Every team needs a keeper, even if it is Loris Karius

In Bubble Soccer, someone has to be the keeper otherwise, there is no otherwise. If no one really fancies the role of being the keeper, the team could adopt a rotation plan where everyone takes turns to be the keeper so it is not too boring for any one person. Even if the keeper is not allowed to use his hands, having a sweeper at the baseline would still be almost as effective.

2. Maintain Composure

I get it. it is the same in regular soccer. Most of us get incredibly flustered when the ball reaches us that the first thing we can think of is to kick the ball as far away as possible. And what actually happens is either turning the possession over to the opponents or actually missing the ball and kicking air. Next time before you take a swing at the ball while playing bubble soccer, stop for a second to think first, look for your teammates then slot the dynamite over to them to settle. More often than not, you do not have to make an immediate action. Stop. Think. Then move.

3.Do not be like Ronaldo

No one likes a ball hogger who thinks he can single-handedly take on the entire team. If someone is unmarked, pass. The TFE experience is all about the team, bonding through the power of play. Also if you fall down, get up quickly. Not only does bubble soccer not reward points for drama, your team is 1 man down until you stand back up. You can do this by rolling over on your tummy, and use your knees to help you get up.

4. Create the soccer triangle

Short passes are the way to go. But to facilitate a smooth passing line, players can use the triangle technique. This soccer concept is a fundamental one in soccer passing but also the most important one at the same time. The idea is to always an imaginary triangle with 2 other teammates. I will spare the intricacies, but the bottom line is to be open to getting passes through maintaining the triangle with other players. Whenever you cant go forward, pass the ball back and reset.

5. When all else fails

See the bubble in front of you? You just need to ensure they are of a different colour, once that is out of the way, just ramp away. Actually, even if you cant differentiate the colours, it is fine; just hit everyone along your line of sight. Though make an attempt to Attack only the enemy bubbles. It’s like playing Quidditch as the beater, charged with hitting the bludgers. You will be the menace on the pitch wrecking chaos and spreading fear in the hearts of your foes. After all, Bubble soccer is to have fun and this is the best way to spread fun, laughter and joy. Always remember, you are in a bubble, you can be Fellaini, you are no pushover.