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Bubble Soccer with Singapore Police Force [2024]

Mr Ahmad Rafiq, from the Singapore Police Force, was tasked to plan a fun, team building session for his department of over 60 people of different ages. 

The Client

Mr Rafiq was tasked to plan a fun and exciting Bubble Soccer team bonding session for his department.

Planning a large-scale event to please more than 60 people can be tricky. Especially when typical team building activities can be boring and mundane. Meeting the preferences of a large group made it even more challenging.

Mr Rafiq contacted us to seek more information on the different types of fun activities that we provided. He was worried that our Bubble Soccer activities were not suitable for the older participants. Being the biggest Bubble Soccer company in Singapore, our Bubble Soccer games were suitable for all ages!

The Games

At Bubble Bump Singapore, there are no mountains too high to scale. We are the epitome of problem-solving, the master of customer management, and veterans in events execution.

After understanding his concerns, our friendly Bubble Soccer sales team got down to business and suggested two types of activities. These two activities complemented each other very well. One of them focused more on communication while the other focused on stretching their physical, mental and collaborative capacity.

The Event

The bright and sunny weather greeted us in the morning.

Our facilitators gathered Mr Rafiq and his colleagues at one of the pitches. They proceeded to conduct a detailed game and safety briefing. After the thorough briefing, Mr Rafiq and his colleagues suited up in their bubbles. They proceeded to have a bumping good time for their Bubble Soccer game!

Besides being an intense ‘cardio’ session for the participants, it was also a time for them to strategize and devise a winning game plan. Moreover, it was a perfect blend of physical and mental exercise for the entire group.

The Result

Mr Rafiq gave the facilitators who ran the event a perfect rating out of 10. He mentioned that our facilitators had contributed to the overall success of his team bonding event. Kudos to them!

In conclusion, it was definitely an unforgettable experience that would be etched in the minds of Rafiq and his colleagues! Mr Rafiq and his colleagues. We look forward to hosting yet another exhilarating event for Mr Rafiq and his team!