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The Heroes Behind the Bubble Bump Suits [2024]

Bubble Bump is an extremely fun game that requires a special piece of equipment, the bubble suit itself. The game’s main element of fun comes about from the strong head-on collision between players in bubble suits. Even the seemingly invincible bubble suits will suffer from wear and tear over the years as clients reap the benefit of fun games in their different functions like birthday parties or team building sessions. And this is where someone has to come in to maintain and ensure the quality of the bubble bump suits. This is very tough work that you can see how so shortly. This is just a brief overview of how bubble suits are fixed.

When playing and there is not a whole lot of time to remedy the situation, the general go-to fix is to plaster a duct tape over the hole. Generally, you would want to fix it properly after the event or use because the duct tape would not hold for long.

Environmental conditions

For starters, the bubble suit has to be in its inflated form so that we can find the hole that is leaking air or the lack thereof (nothing wrong). Just the inflating itself can be deafening for those repairing, it would be advisable to wear earplugs if the sound is too overwhelming. Also, it would be nice if there is an indoor location that is big enough to harbour a few inflated bubble suits but unfortunately, more often than not, the repair team would be working outdoors, possibly under the blazing hot sun. Needless to say, the Sun makes it tough work as it is, so drinking lots of water is mandatory, as well as taking periodic breaks in a sheltered area to cool down after working out for some time. Heat stroke is no laughing matter.

No shit, Sherlock

Fixing the bubble bump suits is by no means rocket science but still there is a mystery to solve, and sometime it could be tricky. In a quiet space, you should be able to hear a hissing sound, and from there figure out where the air is escaping from. Congratulations, you are now the Sherlock of bubble bump. The objective then is to stick a piece of TPU plastic onto the bubble suits. The TPU plastic should not be wider than it has to be, otherwise, it may block the user from seeing while playing. It has to have to have one-inch spare on each side from the hole, the rationale being to seal the hole preventing any leak at all.

Worse than the Haze

Well, there are many types of glue you can use, just ensure it sticks well with plastic. In the video I watched, a glue called HH-66 cement seems to be a good choice, though it might take awhile to stick, the application is easy with a brush. The alternative would be a 3-second glue, though it pretty much dries instantaneously and is applied through a needle-like a tube, which is good for filling gaps but easy to misgauge and spill. Whatever glue used, they should smell like wasabi, and this is not the 50-50 kind where you may be the type to like it, so either get a mask of sorts or for me, I just breathe through my mouth so minimally I do not smell anything. Mask is still much better.

Let’s all be friendlier to any bubble bump staff next time, their efforts are not small by any means. Just a simple thank you would suffice.