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Tips for Falling in a Bubble Suit [2024]

Falling in a bubble suit, is a skill. You may tumble around in it clumsily, or you might fall in it gracefully. Regardless, you should always fall in a bubble suit properly to ensure your own safety and prevent any injuries.

#1: Don’t fall in the bubble suit

Before getting on with anything, you should always try not to fall in the bubble suit and stay on your feet as much as possible. Although it might be harder to keep yourself standing and brace for impact when someone bumps you, it would definitely be less energy consuming than trying to get back up after tumbling over. Always try to be vigilant, since it’s harder to brace for impact if you are caught off guard!

#2: Always aim to fall on the bubble

When you are wearing a bubble suit, there are straps that attach the bubble suit to your body to prevent you from sliding off. This means that you would not slide off the bubble from the top of the bubble. Falling on your legs would mean a higher chance of injury and it would be harder to stand again.

#3: Get up from the front

Regardless of your ‘end bump’ direction, always try to get back up from the front. It would be easier and more effortless to get up from the front than from the back.

#4: Getting up swiftly

In every match, time is key. Getting up as quickly as possible allows you to get back in the game quickly and continue fighting for your team. There are 2 ways of getting up. One way is to kneel on 1 knee and use it to push yourself up and standing. The alternative method is to tuck your knees in the suit (if you are flexible enough) and roll to your front. Then, use your legs to push yourself up in the direction of movement and start running. This is definitely more efficient in getting back up, but a good balance is needed as the weight of the bubble suit might throw you off a little!

So, there you go! These are the top 4 tips on how to keep yourself safe and get back up whenever you fall in a bubble suit. Bubble Bump is definitely an exciting team building activity as it brings loads of fun and laughter while bonding with your colleagues and friends! Book now!