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Some Tips and Tricks for Playing Bubble Soccer [2024]

The first time you heard the phrase bubble soccer you might think that it’s some sort of game that involves blowing bubbles in the air. That is not the case in the 21st century. There are now bubbles that are not only play things; they are wearable too. This is known as the bubble bump. The bubble bump is the round and big bubble that can cover a person from head down to the waist. It has two straps that are adjustable, one on the inside for you to carry the bubble and another one on your shoulders to carry it.

What Is Bubble Bump and What Is Bubble Soccer?

Bubble bump is a contact sport and from the word itself there’s a lot of bumping. There are different games that you can do with bubble bump and one of these is bubble soccer. It is played on a futsal pitch. You can also play this game in a large multipurpose hall, where you can find a flat surface which is smooth.

Here are some tips you can consider when you are just beginning to learn bubble soccer:

Tip 1

The team can have a goalkeeper. It’s not against the game’s rules. This means you always have the green light to come up with a strategy and assign a player as the keeper. The keeper’s role is easy since the bubble that he or she wears can block the goal post.

Tip 2

Once you get bumped, you have to get up quickly and not waste time on the ground. Staying on the ground will give you less time to participate in the game. This means that you’re also giving a lot of chances for your opponent to score or make a goal.

Tip 3

Every opponent is always on the lookout for any chance to bump on you. The best strategy you can have is to target at least one opponent and try to bump into him or her till the game ends.

Tip 4

Always try to bump with the help of the bubble when someone bumps on you. That’s the reason why the bubbles are cushioned.