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Top 5 Tips on How to Play Bubble Soccer [2024]

New to Bubble Soccer? Or are you a veteran who has played Bubble Soccer often enough to know the tricks of the game? Regardless, here are a few tips from our very own facilitators on how to win your opponents in Bubble Soccer!


Tip 1: Keep yourself low to the ground

It may be tiring and counterintuitive, but keeping yourself low to the ground keeps your centre of gravity as low to the ground as possible to ensure stability. The bubble suit adds to the weight on your shoulders and to make sure you don’t tumble as easily when people bump into you!


Tip 2: Try to land on the bubble

The bubble is the one that cushions you from all your bumps, and you can use it to cushion your fall too! Falling on the bubble reduces the risk of any injury and lets you get back in the game much faster.


Tip 3: Don’t focus on only the soccer ball

Bubble soccer may be soccer, but there’s an added bumping element to the game. Always take note of your opponents going your way and trying to bump you out of your line of movement. You can stop to bump others out of your way first before continuing to try and score the ball.


Tip 4: Get back on your feet ASAP

Every round is only a few minutes, and to win, you need to be on the ball. Try to get back on your feet swiftly if you have been bumped and get back into the game. One trick is to roll to your front and kneel with 1 knee to push yourself up. Although it can be tricky, once you get the hang of it, it’ll be as easy as 1 2 3!


Tip 5: Have a pseudo goalie for your team

There is no fixed goalie for in the team, but it would be good practice to have a pseudo goalie that takes note of the goal often – after all, it’s still soccer. The pseudo goalie would be able to react in time to protect the goal and prevent the opponent from scoring!