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A Unique Sport: Bubble Soccer Singapore [2024]

Bubble Soccer Singapore
Bubble Soccer Singapore

To all soccer lovers, bubble soccer will be a game that you love. The classic twist to the traditional game makes it a little more special. Instead of running around freely, you’ll be running in a zorb ball suit. It’s easily the most tiring yet fun cardio workout of all time. And just like soccer, bubble soccer also has its very own version of World Cup!

Ready for the world’s most epic game? The Bubble Football World Cup 2018 will kick-off next Summer in Shoreditch, London. This is the first ever bubble soccer world cup event happening on 19 May 2018. There are 12 teams participating in this exciting tournament – with players from the national bubble football teams.

They will start the day with group games in the morning, then the quarter and semi-finals game will be played in the afternoon. In order for the team to attain the Bubble Football World Cup Champions trophy, they will need to win at least 6 games.

This bubble soccer match is similar to world cup football matches. They have awards for the top goal scorer, tournament MVP, and best hit.  Now, we all wished they would air this live on TV! It would be something completely new and hilarious.

Since there isn’t a bubble soccer tournament in Singapore, you could do your bookings with us to experience it! We offer bubble soccer suits for both kids and adults with a variety of games to choose from. So parents with their little ones need not worry about them getting bored while waiting for you to finish the game. Though it may exhaust you in a matter of minutes, it’s guaranteed a fun gameplay. If safety is your concern, put your worries aside. We’ve chosen a safe play area such as our partnering venues at futsal pitches to carry out the games. Have a venue of your own? We can even bring the games to you! Bubble soccer is definitely a game we’d recommend to anyone who wants to break the ice and have an enjoyable team building session!