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Why your kids need some Bubble Bump Action Now! [2024]

Here at The Fun Empire, we cater to everybody’s needs, even our little cute friends who have no real purchasing power. Lucky for them, we know what they want and we can deliver it to them, so if you are still deciding whether you want a bubble bump session for your kid, then you are in luck because we are going to talk you into it shortly. Just image a kid’s birthday party coupled with a bubble bump session, put yourself in your kid’s shoes. And for you as a parent, we make it easy for you too. You can arrange with us to provide anything that your party may possibly need, convenient huh?

Learning point

Even though it is all just fun and games, there are still valuable lessons to be learned from such an activity. Depending on whose kid we are talking about, some may cry when they are bumped. But fret not, our facilitators are there to encourage and comfort the kids if they do ever cry (rarely). Hopefully, they will learn at the end of the day that when they fall, it is okay to cry, but also remember to get back up because they are still needed.

Our greatest competitor – THE iPad

Let’s face it, kids these days are far too addicted to the tech gadgets to the point their eyes are glued to the screen. As attractive as the iPad can be with games like Angry Birds, Kart Rider or Mega jump, we can dare say that those are incomparable to the kick they get out from our bubble bump. We know your struggling to find new things to distract your kids, don’t worry, we got this covered. Just leave them with us, and you can head nearby for a much-needed shopping time.

Safety is our priority too

We want to emphasize the safety elements of our events so that your mind is not left on the pitch with the bubble bump but thinking about whether to go Chanel or Gucci. Our bubbles are absolutely safe and clean for the users so you can rest assured. For more detailed information, head to our main site to check it out. Though a pointer to note, kids are required to be at least 1.2m in order to play the game, so take note about this pointer.

Cute to Watch

And if you choose not to go shopping, the kids enjoying a game of bubble bump can be nice to watch on the sidelines too. Watching adorable kids falling down in a bubble can be pretty cute. Just don’t get too agitated when it is your kid, its part of the game and I am sure the kid is fine.

Study Study Study

Another thing about kids these days is the amount of studying they do. Kids should be out there playing games, not stuck in the room studying all day. But we are in Singapore; education is taken extremely seriously so there is nothing we can do about that. What we can do however is make the most of their break time, to give them the booster when needed for the next round of studying to come. Thus, what is perfect for this role would be a bubble bump session with us. The kids will not only be eagerly thanking our crew, they will be eternally grateful to you parents too.