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8 Craft Workshops In Singapore To Visit [2024]

Workshop Singapore

Best Workshop Singapore
Best Workshop Singapore

Looking for a creative activity to do this weekend? Check out one of the 8 Craft Workshops In Singapore To Visit! You’ll be able to learn new skills and create beautiful pieces that you can take home with you.

Benefits of Workshops

These craft workshops are a fantastic method to pick up new abilities. Plus these creative workshops are a fun way to spend time with friends or family. Additionally, these art workshops can facilitate your networking.

Tips for joining fun craft workshops

Joining a craft workshop could be a great way to spend time with your significant other, friends, or family. Singapore offers a wide range of programs that are appropriate for people of all ages and ability levels.

Before signing up for art workshops, be sure to read the details carefully. This will enable you to decide whether the workshop is a good fit for you. Be sure to register in advance for art workshops in Singapore as they frequently require it to guarantee your spot.

Most importantly, be creative and have fun!

1. Candle-Making Singapore

Candle Making Workshop - Workshop Singapore
Candle Making Workshop – Workshop Singapore

You can create your very own gel candles at the candle-making class.

The knowledgeable instructors will show participants how to pour various types of wax into molds for various uses, such as decoration or use in aromatherapy, as well as how to cut wicks correctly to ensure safety when burning.

To master this new skill, begin therapy and learn crucial pouring procedures. The ideal strategy to spend quality time at your corporate events is to use team building workshops that involve creating candles.

2. Art Jamming Singapore

Art Jamming Workshop - Workshop Singapore
Art Jamming Workshop – Workshop Singapore

Do you want to be the next Picasso or Van Gogh? The new way to create a team. Art Jamming Experience from Singapore’s Best Art Jamming Provider, FunEmpire.

Art Jamming is the perfect way to explore your creative side with friends. You’ll have a blast working together to create something truly unique. Don’t worry for we will provide all the materials for you!

This art workshop is perfect for creating handcrafted lifestyle products that can help you have a fun experience for your corporate events. Also, create your own masterpiece and let your creative juices flow as you create!

For your upcoming team building event, celebration, or gathering, come together and jam right away!

3. Terrarium Making

Terrarium Making Workshop - Workshop Singapore
Terrarium Making Workshop – Workshop Singapore

Here’s your chance to create a little oasis of life. Participants will learn how to make beautiful living terrariums using fittonia or succulents in beautiful glass jars.

We’ve all heard the phrase “urban jungle,” but with the help of this workshop, you can create your very own. All of the figurines that participants used to design their terrarium during the session are included in the mini-jungle that they get to take home!

Create a miniature garden in a bottle. One of the nicest craft classes we’ve ever had from a team-building firm is the one on terrariums. Learn all the basics of terrarium creation and get your creative instincts flowing.

The terrarium workshop is a wonderful opportunity for those without gardening skills to learn how to take care of plants, and everyone will remember the workshop experience.

4. Clay Workshop

Clay Making Workshop - Workshop Singapore
Clay Making Workshop – Workshop Singapore

Do you aim to follow Michelangelo’s footsteps? Your chance is now!

Participants in this clay-making session will learn how to sculpt lovely clay miniatures and paint them in distinctive hues. Every participant will receive their own masterpiece to take home at the conclusion of this team-building event, which promises to be an outstanding opportunity for friendship or family ties!

So what are you waiting for? Create your own miniature clay art in this clay making fun craft workshops! Attend online classes of Clay Making workshop today by signing up for a virtual session!

5. Leather Making In Singapore

Leather Making Workshop - Workshop Singapore
Leather Making Workshop – Workshop Singapore

Looking for a leather workshop experience that will allow you to create something truly unique?

Why not check out this leather-making class in Singapore, where attendees can create their very own leather luggage tag or card holder from scratch.

Participants in the leather workshop will receive tools for making holes in the leather as well as instruction on how to cut and shape the leather. The experience of leather crafting is also a lot of fun and a fantastic way for friends to bond!

6. Floral Making Workshop

Floral Making Workshop - Workshop Singapore
Floral Making Workshop – Workshop Singapore

A form of craft workshop that has existed for generations is floral arrangement. Participants will have the chance to learn how flowers can be used as decorations and will also have the chance to make their very own bouquet during a workshop experience with Singapore’s most skilled florist. At the end of the workshop, each participant gets to take home their finished products.

The workshop is suitable for those who are looking to learn new skills, as well as people who enjoy creating beautiful things with their hands! It’s a great opportunity to bond between friends or family members too!

7. Perfume Workshop

Perfume Workshop - Workshop Singapore
Perfume Workshop – Workshop Singapore

Another craft workshops you should try is the Perfume Workshop. This is a perfect craft workshop for your corporate workshops and is conducted at the weekend, so you get to spend your Friday night learning something new.

Discover fine art while you have the opportunity to smell all the various perfume scents and comprehend how each scent has a unique personality and can be used to convey emotions or desires. Isn’t perfume a wonderfully expressive art form?

This art form should awaken your high-quality craft spirits. Start your educational journey right away by learning the fundamentals of art education in relation to perfumes.

Additionally, the workshop gives participants the chance to make their own perfume and teaches them how to do it.

8. Wine Appreciation Workshop

Wine Appreciation Workshop - Workshop Singapore
Wine Appreciation Workshop – Workshop Singapore

Are you a fan of wine? Here’s your chance to learn more! The workshop promises attendees an entertaining and engaging evening as they sample various international wines.

Additionally, participants will learn how each region has a distinct climate that can impact the very flavor of wines produced there. For those who like a glass or two of wine, this workshop is ideal!

Are we discussing the distinctive team-building workshops?

Workshop Singapore

Get in touch with us right away if you’re looking for a workshop experience that will let you design something truly special.

You can reserve these craft workshops for corporate events, birthday celebrations, or just to fulfill a childhood fantasy! Take a crash course right away before deciding to apply to art schools!

Whether it’s Terrarium Making or Clay Workshop, we have all your crafting needs covered to impress your date! What kind of workshop would you like us to offer next?

Let us know by commenting below and maybe we’ll bring it into production soon enough!

If you’re ready to book your experience right now, contact our helpful events staff right away! We’d be delighted to help you plan the greatest workshop experience ever!

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