Fun After Work Activity Ideas

Being in an office job usually means you are stuck in the office the whole day for 5 days a week. By the time you get home, you feel sluggish, and after dinner, you’ll probably be going to sleep early. It might feel like a routine that you have to go through every single day, but having fun after work activities would definitely spice up your work life! Here are a few activities that you could do alone or with your friends and colleagues for a chill night out!

  1. Go to a Hipster Bar

It might be normal to go to the popular bar spots after work, but do try out hipster bars in Singapore! The latest craze is speakeasy bars that are hidden from plain view so you have to search for it to even go to these bars! It’ll be a change from the conventional bars that everyone goes to and makes after work activities more interesting.


  1. Play Teambuilding Games

You could gather a few colleagues and friends to play a game of Bubble Soccer after work to chill out and exercise together! It’s definitely an activity full of fun and laughter and it actually forms much stronger bonds.


  1. Pick up a new hobby

If you want to spend time alone, pick up a new hobby like handicraft or learning a new instrument. It’s never too late to pick up a new hobby and it’ll actually give you a mood lift once you are finished with your product or even become adept in your new skills.


  1. Learn new cooking recipes

Save up some money from eating out and cook your own meals instead! There are many cooking classes out there, or even online blogs for you to learn healthy and new recipes!

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