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Bubble Bump Singapore offers different variations of Bubble Soccer gameplay, from highly entertaining Bubble Soccer games to exciting strategic Bubble Soccergames that challenge the mind. Our Bubble Soccer games focus on achieving the different Bubble Soccer team building objectives through different fun and laughter, giving the participants a holistic learning and bonding opportunity.

Featured Bubble Bump Games

Fun & Exciting Bubble Soccer Games For All

bubble bump singapore

Bubble Bump Soccer

Bubble Bump Soccer puts a unique spin on the world’s most popular game. Each player is enveloped inside a giant, transparent bubble from the knees up, which prevents them from injury. Players compete in games of soccer, and players must work as a team to move the ball up to the goal and score.

✓ Each player will get a better understanding of their teammates' strength and weaknesses, building team cohesion and strength-based profiling

✓ Involves a high level of team coordination required that will improve group dynamics.

✓ Enhances team bonding as players work together towards a common goal of completing the game objectives

bubble bump singapore

Bubble Bump Invasion

A conventional way of playing safe “Rugby”. Players from the same team must invade the penalty box area of the opposing team. The first team that has all team members in the opposing team penalty box area at the same time wins 1 point.

✓ This game involves analysis of team members’ strengths and weaknesses, thereby prioritizing roles suited for each different character.

✓ Players will understand the importance of strategic planning and learn how to react to different situations during gameplay.

✓ Enhances team bonding as players work together towards a common goal of completing the game objectives

bubble bump singapore

Bubble Bump Musical

What is fun without music? Bubble Bump Musical incorporates music with bubble dancing to create the perfect game for all ages! Participants will interact with one another and compete over territories in this musical game. Discover the endless dance possibilities and prepare for a time of fun as the music stops!

✓ Strengthen team building through collective game challenges requiring teamwork and communication

✓ Improve communication and team work among team members

✓ Fun and hilarious interactions improve team camaraderie and cohesion

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bubble Bump Singapore or Bubble Soccer Singapore?

Bubble Bump Singapore (Bubble Soccer Singapore, Bubble Football Singapore etc) is a fun-filled experience where participants put on bubble soccer suits and play soccer! FunEmpire also offers participants the chance to play bubble soccer game modes with their bubble soccer team such as Bubble Bump Invasion, Bubble Bump Zombie and many more.

This is a unique and light-hearted take on traditional soccer, as players will put on an inflated bubble suit and experience variations such as bubble dodgeball, bubble wars, bubble invasion, bubble captain ball, bubble sumo, and other unique game modes!

Bubble Football is a great activity for your future events such as team building, birthday parties, a school events and other occasions! Come experience bubble bump with the best Bubble bump soccer Singapore provider and have great fun together with a great workout!

Is Bubble Bump Experience safe?

Your safety is our first priority in Bubble Bump Singapore! Each of our bubbles consists of an outer and inner sphere suspended by ropes in between. When inflated, the air in the bubble and its durable material helps to resist shock and impact during the bubble bump game. The straps and handle within the bubble aids in securing the participants within the bubble for the duration of the bubble games!

Can I play Bubble Bump / Bubble Soccer Singapore at my own preferred place?

Locations are not limited to just our partner venues for you to play Bubble Bump Singapore. If you have a preferred location in mind for your Bubble Soccer game, don’t hesitate to tell us and we will see how we can bring Bubble Soccer to you. Public parks or open areas, or even your own backyard can become suitable locations for your Bubble Soccer Singapore event! If you are looking for a suitable Bubble Soccer Singapore event location that is not limited to just our partner locations, the desired location must be an open area around 2 badminton size court. We will require a power source nearby to pump the bubble suits for your bubble football session too!

Are your Bubbles or Bubble Suits for Bubble Soccer Singapore safe & clean?

Your experience at Bubble Bump Singapore is important to us! As the leading bubble bump provider in Singapore, we do regular hygiene checks weekly to ensure that all our bubbles and bubble soccer suits are up to standard for our bubble soccer Singapore games. We are also the ONLY BUBBLE SOCCER PROVIDER IN SINGAPORE to use custom-designed sweat proof straps to ensure cleanliness. We want you to have an AWESOME BUBBLE SOCCER SINGAPORE experience! Rest assured that you will only be using the cleanest bubble soccer suits for your bubble soccer games! We also have both adult sized bubble suits and kid sized bubble soccer suits for your bubble bump games!

Can anyone play Bubble Bump / Bubble Soccer Singapore?

Yes, anyone can definitely enjoy our bubble games! There are no age limits to Bubble Bump Experience or any of our fun activities or workshops. However, we advise pregnant ladies, people with back injury or any other related injuries, and people of old age refrain from taking part in our Bubble Bump experience. For kids (min 1.2m), we provide kids size bubbles and bubble soccer suits for their Bubble Bump Singapore game. As it's suitable for everyone, come experience bubble soccer Singapore today!

Are there any add-ons services for Bubble Soccer Singapore offered by FunEmpire?

Add-ons services are available for Bubble Bump Singapore! From catering services to transport, to first aid services and corporate gifts, let the Fun Empire team know and we'll have you covered!

How Does Bubble Soccer Help In Team Bonding?

Our Bubble Bump game modes require participants to engage in strategic planning and work together in order to win. Typically played in teams, these strategy games help in team bonding as participants have to communicate and collaborate with one another to complete the objectives in the different game modes. The laughter and fun that comes with playing Bubble Soccer also strengthens relationships between team members! Playing our Bubble Bump game modes is a great way to spend quality time with your colleagues outside of work, and have some great fun! Ready for the best bubble soccer experience?

How Do I Book A Bubble Soccer Session?

Simply contact our friendly Fun Empire team at hello@funempire.com or fill in the form above with your event details such as event duration!

Bubble Soccer Singapore

Bubble Bump Singapore is the biggest Bubble Soccer provider in Singapore! With over 10 games such as Bubble Soccer Singapore, we cater to all types of Bubble Soccer events such as corporate team building and birthday parties. 
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