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Huge Collection Of Bubble Soccer Games

Bubble Bump Singapore offers different variations of Bubble Soccer gameplay, from highly entertaining Bubble Soccer games to exciting strategic Bubble Soccergames that challenge the mind. 

Our Bubble Soccer games focus on achieving the different Bubble Soccer team building objectives through different fun and laughter, giving the participants a holistic learning and bonding opportunity.

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Bubble Bump Singapore

Featured Bubble Bump Games

Huge Collection Of Bubble Soccer Games

Bubble Bump Soccer

Adventure Activities

Bubble Bump Soccer puts a unique spin on the world’s most popular game. Each player is enveloped inside a giant, transparent bubble from the knees up, which prevents them from injury. Players compete in games of soccer, and players must work as a team to move the ball up to the goal and score.

  • Each player will get a better understanding of their teammates’ strength and weaknesses, building team cohesion and strength-based profiling
  • Involves a high level of team coordination required that will improve group dynamics.
  • Enhances team bonding as players work together towards a common goal of completing the game objectives
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Bubble Bump Invasion

Adventure Activities

A conventional way of playing safe “Rugby”. Players from the same team must invade the penalty box area of the opposing team. The first team that has all team members in the opposing team penalty box area at the same time wins 1 point.

  • This game involves analysis of team members’ strengths and weaknesses, thereby prioritizing roles suited for each different character.
  • Players will understand the importance of strategic planning and learn how to react to different situations during gameplay.
  • Enhances team bonding as players work together towards a common goal of completing the game objectives
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Bubble Bump Musical

Adventure Activities

What is fun without music? Bubble Bump Music incorporates music with bubble dancing to create the perfect game for all ages! Participants will interact with one another and compete over territories in this musical game. Discover the endless dance possibilities and prepare for a time of fun as the music stops!

  • Strengthen team building through collective game challenges requiring teamwork and communication
  • Improve communication and team work among team members
  • Fun and hilarious interactions improve team camaraderie and cohesion 
  • Enhances team bonding as players work together towards a common goal
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Team Work

You can now work together as a team and have fun at the same time! Bubble Bump allows you to get on your feet and enjoy your time with everyone. Encouraging strategical thinking, leadership skills and camaraderie, Bubble Soccer pushes you and your team mates to work as a unit with a common goal to achieve. Strive to complete the game mission successfully!


Our Bubble Bump experience is designed to promote communication amongst team mates! Talk amongst team members to plan and decide on a strategy to win the game mission! Appointing someone to take the lead so others can follow instructions to execute plan effectively. Raise up ideas to improve the game play and help each other out! ​


Bond with your team mates and your opponents when you play our Bubble Bump. Take this opportunity to spend some time with friends, family or colleagues outside of the normal scene. Our Bubble Soccer experience provides the platform to allow you get to know more about your team mates through thrilling game missions.​

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