How to Create a Highly Engaged Team of Staff

Have you ever wondered how other teams have such highly engaged employees? It’s actually no secret at all! By knowing what your employees want and expect from the team, you are able to make them much more engaged and improve your team’s productivity! Here’s a few simple ways of doing it:


  1. Team building activities

Team Building activities are essential to create and maintain a highly engaged team. These activities out of work not only let your staff relax, but also know each other on a more personal level outside of work. This type of bonding would definitely build camaraderie among your team and in turn boost productivity. Activities such as Bubble Bump or even escape room is able to bond your team through fun and games!


  1. Company retreat based on performance

Every year, most companies would have a company or team retreat to end the year with a bang. By adjusting the retreat location by performance for the year, it would definitely spur your team to work harder during the year to achieve a better performance for a better retreat.


  1. Social media group

Create a private social media group such as on Facebook for everyone to be able to post inspirational articles and quotes and share it with everyone. It’ll not only inspire others, but also create a close-knit community!


  1. Team lunches

Lunches are always a period for socialisation. Having a team lunch together at least once a month allows your team to mingle around with each other and bond over a meal. Examples include organizing a buffet, or even rotating around your team to decide on the lunch place or menu! During special occasions like Easter or Halloween, themed lunches would definitely make team meals much more exciting!


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