How To Plan An Inexpensive And Effective Team Building Event

It’s no surprise that team building events are beneficial for everyone and we’re encouraged to organise them ever so often. From better communication to increased productivity, participants will learn to adopt these traits while still having tons of fun. Forget about bringing your employees out for a drink or going for the happy hour as it gets pretty mundane after awhile. So how do you stick to a budget and still organise a team building event? Here are 5 ways you can organise inexpensive and effective team building events starting from $15 per pax!


  1. Archery Tag

Have you always wanted to try archery? Here’s your chance at playing archery tag! Whether you’re a professional or an amateur, archery tag is an exciting gameplay that engages everyone in the team! All participants will get a hold of a bow and multiple arrows. Don’t fret! The arrows are padded with a special foam tip so safety is ensured throughout the game. Archery tag encourages team members to strategise, communicate, and work as a team in order to win their opponent. Never underestimate the power of this game for it’s fun but also tiring. Prepare your arrows, shoot, and dodge!


  1. Bubble Soccer

Those who love kicking ball and rolling around can go with bubble soccer. An interesting hybrid of two of the world’s best sport – rugby and soccer – put into one game. Players will be wrapped in a huge bubble suit that is enough to protect their upper body. It’s impossible for you not to get bumped throughout the game as the bubble suits are humongous. The aftermath of getting bumped is rolling over or possibly flying. Make sure you land on the cushion side of the bubble suit to prevent from any injuries. Ultimately, bubble soccer is a fun game that you’ll remember for a lifetime.


  1. Laser Tag

Laser tag is a game that’s perfect for people of all ages! It has been designed to recreate video game experiences except that it doesn’t make you feel giddy afterwards. The game is played with guns that simulate real life ones but emits infrared rays. They’re quite sensitive so beware of opponents coming your way from all directions as you wouldn’t want to be out of the game so quickly. With the multiple game modes available, laser tag ensures that players will have an enjoyable time!


  1. Saber Tag

Star Wars fans are definitely going to squeal in excitement upon knowing the existence of Saber Tag! Saber tag is a game that incorporates combat sabers and proprietary electronic scoring vests. Players will don the vests and whip their lit sabers out. When ready, players will try to hit their opponent’s vest as many times possible to eliminate them. Facilitators will increase the game of difficulty after every round to challenge the players and bring about excitement too!


  1. Poolball

If you’re looking for a game that’s more laidback, poolball is the way to go! Poolball is played similar to the concept of pool except that everything is enlarged. Instead of using the pool stick, players will be using their legs to kick the balls into the hole! Be warned that it can be challenging but it’s still possible to finish the game. Poolball is enjoyed amongst people who prefer non-physical games and would like to do a lot more of strategising and communicating.


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