How to Survive a Bubble Soccer Game

You must have heard the game bubble soccer in the past but you just didn’t mind it. It’s a match that’s played by two teams and each team is composed by not more than five players. Each team should have at least one female playing on the field. A game should not start unless each team has at least three member players. One thing you have to know about bubble soccer is that it is the most energetic, adventure packed, and craziest sport to play. You also have to expect bumps and hits from all your opponents while you are inside the inflatable balloons.

The following are some of the tips that you can abide for you to survive and win in a bubble soccer game:

Get to know your competition.

You will most likely be playing with your close friends. Don’t go against the most agile ones when you have been a couch potato for the longest time. This means that you have to be smart in choosing your opponent. Don’t go against your tall body builder friend if you are physically smaller and shorter too. You may need to have a side kick when you go up against a much bigger opponent.

Don’t aim low.

You should not attempt to hit an opponent in the leg. You have to start hitting on the chest. It’s a more probable option when you’re running low to hit low as well, but it really isn’t a good thing to do. A low blow can simply pull you down.

Straps are your best defense.

The only way for you to be safe and protected is to make sure that the ball takes majority of the force coming from a hit. It’s inevitable for you to take some hits and be knocked off a few times. The straps will serve as your best pal.

Take a rest in between games.

One round of the game can already drain you of liquids. This means that the ball becomes sweaty when you’re running around. If it’s your first round, don’t overdo it. You have to sit it out after the first round and hydrate.

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