Top 5 Reasons Cage @ Kallang Is A Good Bubble Soccer Venue  

We’ve mentioned that Bubble Soccer is a game that can be played either indoors or outdoors. At times, clients would suggest their preferred location and that would work too. But if you’re looking out for the best venue to play Bubble Soccer, we will recommend Cage @ Kallang. Here are 5 reasons why you should choose Cage @ Kallang:

  1. Fully sheltered

Singapore’s weather is unpredictable and it can get really hot on some days. So with a fully sheltered space, you wouldn’t need to worry about getting drenched or perspire before the game starts.

  1. Private space

It’s true that most futsal courts are separated by huge nets. This also means that anyone is able to see you play. However, Cage @ Kallang offers something even better. Each pitch stands on its own, allowing you to have more privacy.

  1. Well-ventilated

The main concern of playing indoors is with the air ventilation. Not to fret, there are windows and a huge fan above the pitch that circulates air. Thus, you wouldn’t feel suffocated inside.

  1. Shower area

We know it can be a little unhygienic to just leave the place when you’re all sweaty. So after sweating it all out, you can take a nice cold shower in their restrooms. Plus, their restrooms are clean and don’t leave any odor.

  1. Near to Kallang Wave Mall

The best part of playing Bubble Soccer at Cage @ Kallang is being near to the new shopping mall. You can choose to dine at the many restaurants available or indulge in hawker fare to fill your hungry tummies.

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