Keep Your Team Connected With These 9 Virtual Team Building Games [2023]

Virtual Team Building Games

Virtual Team Building Games
Virtual Team Building Games

Virtual team building games are a great way to keep your team connected and productive. When team members are physically separated, it can be difficult to build strong relationships and collaborate effectively. That's where virtual team building games come in! These activities help teams connect with each other on a deeper level, learn more about each other, and collaborate more effectively. In this blog post, we will discuss the Keep Your Team Connected With These 9 Virtual Team Building Games!

1. Virtual Art Jamming

Virtual Art Jamming - Virtual Team Building Games
Virtual Art Jamming - Virtual Team Building Games

If you're looking for creative ways to engage remote teams, spice up online office games, and promote business culture, try this DIY craft challenge!

Our award-winning Creative Art Jamming Workshops have been transformed into Home Kits so that customers may participate in them securely and at home with friends, family, or coworkers through a Virtual Art Jamming session.

You can start this online team-building exercise by joining a virtual meeting as usual. This is the ideal team-building activity for your remote team members.

Our virtual art jam session is pleasant and calming, appropriate for people of all ages and for any situation. Your individual Art Jamming Kit will be delivered straight to your doorstep before your Virtual Art Jamming session

2. Virtual Food Quest

Virtual Food Ques - Virtual Team Building Games
Virtual Food Ques - Virtual Team Building Games

The Virtual Food Quest is an entertaining online team-building activity that will leave you hungry.

Playing this game will take you on an exciting gastronomic adventure around the world while teaching you about the cuisines of many countries. Along the way, there will be puzzles and quizzes for you to complete as part of this remote team-building activity, which will also help you promote your business culture.

You'll need to gather a few secret ingredients before figuring out whose cuisine they belong to. Do not be concerned; we have skilled facilitators who excel in team building online!

3. Virtual Nightfall

Virtual Nightfall - Virtual Team Building Games
Virtual Nightfall - Virtual Team Building Games

Virtual Nightfall is one of the greatest online team-building games available, based on the legendary game Werewolf. This virtual event challenges the entire team to use their acting and observation abilities by putting them in roles such as civilian or werewolf.

The main objective is to identify the werewolves hiding amid a group of people who are discreetly killing someone while playing a game at night. With the assistance of our facilitators, you and your team members will have a great time playing this online team-building game. Finish the online team-building. In a fun way, challenges and improve team cooperation!

4. Virtual Terrarium

Virtual Terrarium - Virtual Team Building Games
Virtual Terrarium - Virtual Team Building Games

Here's another DIY craft project for you!

You may cultivate a tiny garden while working from home! Our expert trainers completely facilitate our online terrarium workshop, which comes with all necessary terrarium supplies. The communication between remote teams is ideal for this virtual team-building activity.

Before your event, your customized Terrarium Kit will be delivered right at your door! For teams who operate remotely or from home, our Virtual Terrarium workshop is ideal!

5. Virtual Escape Room

Virtual Escape Room - Virtual Team Building Games
Virtual Escape Room - Virtual Team Building Games

Nowadays, playing online games is quite widespread, but virtual team building activities that support corporate culture are a different concept!

One of the most well-liked online games for team development are the virtual escape rooms. The Virtual Escape Room has difficulties and riddles that must be resolved by virtual teams of people.

Additionally, inside the video conferencing platforms, the full group may be divided into numerous smaller teams or breakout rooms for added excitement; this will make it more enjoyable for everyone involved.

If your team runs into trouble or has any immediate queries, experienced facilitators will be on hand to help. This is a fantastic team-building activity for distant teams that can be done online!

6. Virtual SaberFit

Virtual Saber Fit - Virtual Team Building Games
Virtual Saber Fit - Virtual Team Building Games

The Virtual SaberFit is one of Singapore's best virtual team-building activities.

These online team-building activities provide you the chance to bond with your coworkers, remote teams, or pals while still getting a good workout 

Anyone can use the neon combat sabers, saber striking methods, and fitness drills in the Virtual SaberFit. A 45-minute workout that works every muscle in your body is called the Virtual SaberFit. One of the most original digital team-building exercises is this one.

By engaging in these virtual team activities, you may effectively connect your remote colleagues and create effective remote teams.

7. Virtual Travel Experience - Icons of Singapore

Virtual Travel Experience - Virtual Team Building Games
Virtual Travel Experience - Virtual Team Building Games

One of the most regionally themed team-building games available is the Virtual Travel Experience Game, developed by The Fun Empire.

The game also teaches you about important concepts like virtual scavenger hunts, escape rooms, and treasure hunting in addition to challenging you to visit various historic locations in Singapore.

One of the best online games for team members to learn more about Singapore for those who are unfamiliar with it is this one! Now is the ideal time to organize online team activities that will enhance team engagement and communication while also allowing you to enjoy online meetings!

8. Virtual Time Travel

Virtual Time Travel - Virtual Team Building Games
Virtual Time Travel - Virtual Team Building Games

Play this game to test your problem-solving abilities and inject some fresh excitement into your online meetings!

You can visit space by just joining a virtual conference call! Now that you have access to virtual time travel, you can do both! You'll move from one era to the next and enter a space that is impenetrable to mankind.

Experience puzzles and challenges from various eras as you travel through time. You will have to put a lot of thought into this virtual team-building activity in Singapore.

These are just a few examples of tasks that are ideal for remote teams.

9. Virtual Leather Making

Virtual Leather Making - Virtual Team Building Games
Virtual Leather Making - Virtual Team Building Games

With the help of our skilled live facilitation, learn how to make your very own stitched leather card holder—another entertaining virtual game you should check out!  

With our expert live facilitation, another enjoyable virtual game you should take note of, discover how to make your very own stitched leather card holder. From the convenience of your own home, our facilitators will show you how to saddle stitch!

You may learn how to create your own own stitched leather products while having a ton of fun in our virtual stitched leather making studio!

You may make your own stitched leather goods quickly and easily by using only free web conferencing tools!

Virtual Team Building Games

We've reached the conclusion of this comprehensive list; we hoped that the information here might assist you in finding some suitable virtual team-building games/activities.

All these online team games will be done on Zoom for virtual team building.

If you are interested in some virtual team-building event like a Virtual Escape Room, do get in contact with us. We would love to give you the best Virtual Escape Room Singapore experience!

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What entertaining virtual activities are there?

Virtual treasure hunts, virtual escape rooms, and virtual scavenger hunts are a few entertaining virtual team-building exercises. These exercises are excellent for connecting and uniting your team. Additionally, it can aid in project management.

How can you make a virtual team meeting enjoyable?

Online team-building games are a terrific way to have a fun virtual team meeting. These games can aid in fostering better teamwork and communication. The use of a virtual escape room is another choice. This is a fantastic approach to get your staff to collaborate and solve problems.

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