10 Quick Tips for Bubble Soccer

When you mention bubbles, you think about the times that you played with it as a child. Bubbles were only known to many as some form of liquid contained in a bottle in the past. Some people used to challenge each other on who could make the biggest bubble. At one point, bubbles became popular that parents would engage someone just to blow big bubbles and show tricks with it. This would have had fascinated the younger ones.

That’s not the case in the 21st century. We have transformed so much that bubbles are now wearable. Yes, you can wear the bubbles! These bubbles don’t disappear when you poke them. What exactly is this bubble we’re talking about? It’s known as the bubble bump. If you’ve always wondered what it was like being in a bubble, here’s your chance!

The bubble bump is round and big, which is enough to cover your head down to your waist. There are 2 adjustable straps in tact on the inside for you to carry them and the weight of it would be on your shoulders. People often ask, “How do I get in the bubble?” Not to worry, our facilitators will guide you through with a briefing before every game.

Bubble bump is a contact sport that involves lots of bumping. There are several different games you can play with bubble bump. The most popular being bubble soccer where it’s played on a futsal pitch. It’s also possible to do it outdoors such as a multi-purpose hall, where the floor is a flat and smooth surface.

If you’re in search of a new game play at kids birthday parties or corporate Team building events, try bubble bump. You might also want to consider taking these tips down if you’re a first-time player!

Bubble Soccer Tip #1

During the briefing, our facilitators will mention that there won’t be any goalkeeper for each team. But they never said that you can’t have a goalkeeper! That’s a green light for you to just strategise with your team and assign someone to be the keeper. The job of a goalkeeper is easy because the bubble that you put on could easily block out the goal post.

Bubble Soccer Tip #2

After being bumped, get up as quickly as possible! Time spent on the ground is a waste, as you’ll have lesser opportunities to participate in the game. You’re only giving away chances to your opponent to score in a goal or even pinning you down. It only means that you’re going to be glued to the ground unless you could go against the strength that’s making you stay put. To avoid such cases from happening, don’t leave yourself rolling on the floor for too long. Try to recall the technique that our facilitators have thought you on getting up. Roll over on your tummy and get up on both knees.

Bubble Soccer Tip #3

While you’re busy chasing after the ball, your opponents will find every opportunity to bump on you. Here’s what you can do to counter them. Target at least 1 opponent and try bumping them till the very end of the game. So when both teams run to the middle of the pitch for the kickoff, you make sure to bump your opponents down first. Only after that, you can get the ball kicking. As a result, your opponents will have lesser ball possession because they would take quite a bit of time to recover from the fall.

Bubble Soccer Tip #4

Try landing within the bubble when someone bumps you. We cushioned our bubbles for a reason. If you had the straps on tight, you’re more likely to fall within the bubble. Do take note that the bubbles are only able to cover your upper body. Be very careful on how you’re going to fall. Most importantly, don’t resist the fall! It would be dangerous if you fell on your knees or bum as it could lead to an injury. We would like to avoid injuries at all cost and still have all smiling faces at the end of the game.

Bubble Soccer Tip #5

Will you fly across the pitch if someone heavier bumps you? That’s impossible. You would just get to observe the world go round as your bubble gets tossed. “She’s so light, confirm cannot bump other people!” Now, let’s put a stop to that stereotype and show them that anyone of lighter weight can do it too! There’s a trick to it and that is to attack them low. If you’re afraid of doing so, you can just run around bumping others while trying to avoid your opponent.

Hopefully, these tips would come in handy when it’s your turn to play bubble bump soccer. Have a good laugh watching your friends rolling all over. Those that aren’t playing, give your friends some moral support. Lastly, good luck!

Bubble Soccer Singapore

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