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5 Best Bubble Soccer Tips [2024]

1) Stay Low

The best and most fun part of Bubble Soccer is getting bumped by the opponents! So, what do you do if your opponents are way bigger than you? They can easily bump you down based on their size. No worries! The trick is staying low! It’s not easy to knock someone down when you cannot see them or when they are lower than you.

2) Pay attention to your surrounding

Yes, the aim of the Bubble Soccer game is to score as many goals as possible. However, Bubble Bump is a full contact sport, thus, it’s crucial to pay attention to your surroundings and the players around you. We’ve seen many players paying too much attention to the soccer ball without noticing their opponents. Many times, a player will get hit off their feet without even touching the ball.

3) Guard the goal!!

Do you see the goal keeper leaving the goal wide and open in a normal soccer game? No, you don’t! There are many Bubble Soccer events where teams forget to assign a goal keeper to guard their goal, leaving it wide and open. Once a goalkeeper leaves their position, the opposing team can score as many as 3-4 goals within minutes!

4) Get back to action!

Do you believe some participants take their own sweet time to get back on their feet after getting bumped? I can never emphasize this enough, get up as fast as possible after getting bumped! The more you roll around on the field, the lesser time you have participating in the game. Meanwhile, your opponents might be scoring as many goals as they can! However, we understand that getting up is not easy and you need practice. Here are some tips for you!

a) Roll over to your stomach
b) Place one knee on the ground
c) Life the bumper suit up by the handles

5) Straps Straps & Straps

We can never emphasize the importance of putting on the straps snuggly. The only way to stay as safe and possible is to ensure that the bubble suit takes most of the impact and force from a hit. The only way to ensure that is to wear the bubble suit the correct way. Ensure that the strap is tight and do not slip off your shoulder easily. Properly adjusted straps will ensure head clearance within the ball, ensuring a safe and fun experience for all!