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Celebrating National Day the Active Way at ITE College Central! [2024]

Are you tired of the usual boring national day celebration in school? Read on to see how ITE College Central celebrate their NDP with Bubble Bump for a round of Bubble Soccer!  

1)  Dressed in Red & White
2)  Gather in the Assembly Hall
3) Watch Singing and Dancing Performances
4) National Day Sing-A-Long Session

ITE College Central

Over at ITE College Central, they decided to engage The Fun Empire and Bubble Bump for a different NDP experience for their students.

Instead of just sitting in the assembly hall, the school decided to engage and bond the students by introducing life size, fun games! The Fun Empire and Bubble Bump proposed 3 different games to suit the high energy level of the adults. The 3 games included Combat Archery Tag, Poolball, and Bubble Bump. These 3 games were also great for team building as each game emphasizes on different team bonding objectives such as leadership, communication, and team work.

The Games

As our games were all life sized, we occupied the whole of the school multipurpose’s hall. Upbeat songs were also played throughout the event to keep the atmosphere alive. Soon after we set up, the students arrived. After a quick warm up and detailed briefing session by our professional facilitators, we started the games! As the event was similar to a carnival, students had to queue and take turns to try out the games. The response was overwhelming as the queue for each game were crazily long!

However, we were glad that we planned each game duration to be around 5-10 minutes to ensure quick changeover of teams. The students all waited patiently for their turn and they were greatly entertained while watching their friends play too.

Students strategised as they played the game of combat archery tag, communicated on which ball to score for the poolball game, and cheered their peers on during bubble soccer. One game definitely wasn’t enough as many students stayed on and re-queue for round 2 or even round 3!

Even the teachers were tempted to join in the games as they watched their students play many rounds of it. Though tiring for our facilitators, It was satisfying seeing all those smiles on the students! Yet another successful event off the checklist!