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Top 4 Reasons Bubble Bump Is The Best Team Building Activity [2024]

What’s the best team building game out there? A question that many people would ask before considering a few options. We believe in choosing the right activity to get the best out of a team building session. With so many activities available today, it is no doubt that you would be spoilt for choice. But fret not, we have the activity that would best suit people of all ages and ensure that everyone will have a balling time! This team building activity is known as the Bubble Bump. Here are 4 reasons to convince you why Bubble Bump is the best team building activity:

  1. Bubble Soccer by Bubble Bump engages everyone

There is no point in a team building game if it does not involve everyone. With Bubble Bump, everyone easily feels inclusive because of the nature of its game.  There are Bubble Bump suits for kids and adults. So while you are busy having a good time, your children will be preoccupied with the same game too. They will be playing against the people of their size and age of course. Save your worries as everyone is going to have a good time!

  1. Bubble Soccer by Bubble Bump encourages you to bump each other

The fun in this game comes when you run and bump one another at high speed. You must be thinking that this game is going to be super rough. Truth to be told, it is nothing like what you have in mind. It is absolutely safe and fun to play! All hard feelings aside, bumping into your colleagues will only make the entire game livelier. So ensure that you go hard for maximum impact and a more memorable experience.

  1. Bubble Soccer by Bubble Bump forces you to work as a team

To put it simply, teamwork makes the dream work! Let us tell you why. Running around in a bubble suit is never easy although it may seem quite the opposite. The bubble suits are of a bigger size than you so getting up on your feet will probably take awhile after a fall. Give a helping hand to your colleagues by bumping into your opponents who are targeting on him or her. This will allow them to get back on their feet faster than usual!

  1. Bubble Soccer by Bubble Bump is an actual workout

There is a saying that goes: A family that works out together, stays together. We think that this concept could probably be applied to companies too! The minute you put the bubble suit on, it is equivalent to carrying some weight. On top of that, you will be running around with it too. Every round of game lasts for 5 minutes. But do not be too confident! While it is all fun and games, it will tire you out in no time. And you will definitely be sweating like as though you have just completed a 2.4km run except that bubble bump is more thrilling. Try it to believe it!