Casual Fun Bubble Soccer Game With Bubble Bump Singapore

Sick and tired of all the boring activities in Singapore? Looking for a fun Bubble Soccer game with your friends, colleagues or family? Look no further! 

Bubble Bump Singapore offers a wide variety of Bubble Soccer Games which includes the ever-popular Bubble Bump Soccer, Bubble Bump Invasion and many more! Be prepared to experience the wackiest, exhilarating and crazy Bubble Soccer time with your friends and colleagues. Soccer has just become a contact sport: Bump or be bumped.


Standard Bubble Bump Package

Starting from $15/pax

All Bubble Bump package includes

  • 2 Professionally Trained Facilitators
  • 5 High Quality Upgraded Red Bubble Suits
  • 5 High Quality Upgraded Blue Bubble Suits
  • Up to 5 Fun & Exciting Gameplay
  • Bubble Bump Singapore Certificates
  • Photography (10-15 Photos to Be Downloaded via Facebook)
  • Game Fixtures
Bubble Soccer Singapore Fun with bubble Bump Singapore

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Will there be any additional cost if I were to bring more friends/colleagues?

No, there will not be any additional cost. Our Bubble Soccer game packages are charged on a per-hour basis instead of a per pax rate. 1 hour of Bubble Soccer gameplay typically accommodates up to 20 pax to take part (where teams take turns playing and rotate with one another). There will be no additional cost if you bring more friends/colleagues (unless otherwise stated).

Can I decide to extend the event on the day itself?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept last-minute extensions, because we are required to book the venue and to inform the facilitators in advance. This is also to minimize any possible disruptions to our operations that might affect your or our other clients’ Bubble Soccer event experience.

How long in advance should I confirm the event?

ASAP or preferably at least 7 working days prior to event day to ensure that we are able to reserve the equipment and venue space for you. Venue booking will be based on a first-come-first-serve basis and subject to availability.

Can I bring my own food or catering to your partners’ locations?

Yes, you can! However, for the majority of our partners’ locations, cleaning fee applies for catering or for any food being brought into the venue space. For more information, contact us now.

What is the typical game format and how are participants allocated into teams?

Participants will be divided into teams of 5 players each. Each Bubble Soccer game round allows up to 10 pax to take part in a 5 vs 5 formats (i.e. 2 teams playing at once), lasting about 5-10 mins. Teams will take turns playing one another. Based on our experience conducting numerous events, this is the ideal format which will allow participants sufficient rest time in-between Bubble Soccer game rounds.

What do the rest of the participants do while waiting?

All our unique Bubble Soccer games and activities are both exciting to play and entertaining to watch. Participants will enjoy watching and cheering their friends/colleagues who are playing the game. We specially designed each game-play experience to ensure minimum waiting time per team and allow for quick team turnaround.

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