Why do we love Bubble Soccer?

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What is Bubble Soccer?

Is Bubble Soccer playing soccer with a bubble-shaped ball? Playing soccer with bubbles? Is it that fun?

These are the questions that I commonly get whenever I ask my friends if they would like to enjoy a game of Bubble Soccer with me. So now, I would like to share with you guys what Bubble Soccer really is! It is really similar to a 5 a side soccer game. However, players are now all encased in a giant inflated plastic ball. The objectives for Bubble Soccer are the same – to score the ball into the opponent’s goalpost.

The best thing is, you can bump each other just for the fun of it! While I was playing the game, I had a lot of fun bumping into my friends.   Throughout the game, my friends and I were constantly bumping each other. We had lots of fun chasing and running away from one another.

Unlike the usual soccer, Bubble Soccer does not require a full soccer pitch in order to play. I had mine at the Cage at Kallang and it was very enjoyable because it was fully sheltered and there was a Big Ass Fan making the venue extremely cooling. Another location that they have is at Kovan Sports Centre. Are you still wondering why is Bubble Soccer such an enjoyable game? After sharing my reasons for loving Bubble Soccer, you will fall in love with the game as well!

Firstly, are there any games in Singapore that allow you to get away with murder?  The answer is a definite NO!

However, Bubble Soccer is able to provide you with an opportunity to immerse yourself in one of the best game in the world. You get to “kill” your friends by constantly bumping into them and it isn’t simply a 1 v 1 scenario. It can be a 5 v 1 scenario as well! Bubble Soccer is one of the few games in Singapore that allows you to get physical with your friends. It is the perfect activity for people of all age! You will definitely have an endless amount of fun with all the different game modes!

One of the modes, which I enjoyed the most, was the Bubble Soccer Invasion. We had to form 2 teams of 5 and our objective was to invade our opponent’s base within the fastest period of time. Therefore, in order to win the round, we had to plan our move strategically. 1 such strategy could be to all rush towards their base while another could be to defend first and rush towards their base when they are all still trying to recover from the bump. Still not in love with Bubble Soccer, continue reading!

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Just like a normal game of soccer, Bubble Soccer too requires both teamwork and chemistry between players. Coupled with the continuous bumping of bubbles, Bubble Soccer requires, even more, teamwork, thus making it a perfect activity for team building. Communication is the key to success in every game. After coming out with strategies to beat your opponent, you have to constantly communicate with each other through the game too! Come out with exciting strategies to beat your opponents! Having constant communication within your team is crucial. Strategise within the team throughout the game will definitely help to win the game. Imagine the impact if 5 players decide to work together and "attack" the strongest opponent! There is strength in numbers!

After taking part in this event, I am confident that you will be a level closer to your friends or colleagues.  Team bonding is also extremely crucial to any organization as it builds trust, encourages communication and helps employees to work towards a common goal. That being said, team-building activities should also not be forced, as its effectiveness would be limited. Therefore, our activities such as Bubble Soccer, Laser Tag, and Archery Tag are a perfect fit to the problem, as our games are unique and interesting, coupled with multiple game modes that will spice up the difficulty level.  Convinced yet?

All of us face a common first world problem where we arrange for a meet-up with our friends, but have no idea where to go or what to do. In the end, we settle for last minute activities such as watching a movie or simply catching up over dinner. If this sounds like you, put a stop to these boring activities! Instead of planning predictable outings, you need to try these 5 unconventional bubble ball games that make for some good bonding time with your friends!

Finally convinced to have a fun session of Bubble Soccer?  Here is one more reason to why we are so in love with Bubble Soccer. It is because Bubble Soccer forces us to exercise and it has proven to be a superb workout session. If you already found running for an hour without a bubble suit tiring, wait till you try running around for 10 minutes in a big inflated bubble suit. You will definitely sweat profusely.

Furthermore, with all the different game modes available, you are sure to lose a couple of calories! As the saying goes “Thirty Minutes of Exercise a Day Keeps the Doctor Away”.  Are you staying at your office desk for way too long? Are you always staying at home? Why not just spend 1 hour on Bubble Soccer, allowing you to exercise and have fun at the same time. If you do not like the soccer, you can also take part in our other unique activities such as Laser Tag and Archery Tag as well.

In conclusion, I know that you may have your doubts about Bubble Soccer in the beginning but I hope that after reading this article, you have fallen in love with Bubble Soccer just like me. No one ever expected that a simple tweak to the beautiful game of soccer could be equally fun as well. Bubble Soccer not only allows you to get physical with your friends but also allows you to knit stronger relationships with your colleagues and work out at the same time. So what are you waiting for, quickly sign up for a bumpy session of Bubble Soccer right now!

Bubble Soccer Singapore

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