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The Origin of Bubble Soccer [2024]

Hello there! In 2011, Bubble Bump (or Bubble Soccer) started off as a joke between 2 Norwegian hosts (Henrick Elvestad and Johan Gold) of comedy sports show, Golden Goal. Little did they know that what started as a joke would set the foundation for such a fun new sport!

Then in 2014, a video appeared on YouTube and set the internet on fire! Bubble Soccer became so highly sought after by the internet and everyone wanted to try the game.

Bubble Soccer also appeared on American TV show Shark Tank! Although it failed to secure a deal with Shark Tank’s panel of investors, Bubble Soccer appearance generated massive press coverage.

Finally, check out the frequently asked questions about the activity below!

So what exactly is Bubble Soccer?

A crossover between soccer and zorbing, players will be encased in a giant, inflatable Bubble suit with shoulder harnesses and handles inside. The bubble suit will cover the player’s upper body and head. Usually, the game is played in large spaces (indoor or outdoor futsal fields). However, the game is best played on futsal grass. Thus, we will recommend playing the game at our partner locations. You can choose either Kovan Sports Center or The Cage at Kallang to hold your session!

How do you play Bubble Soccer?

There are a few different game modes for Bubble Soccer. The most popular and common game is, of course, Bubble Soccer. Similar rules and objectives with the regular football, the only difference is that players will be in the inflatable bubble suit around their upper torso.

Other popular game modes include Bubble Bump Invasion and Bubble Bump Fetch.

Who can play Bubble Soccer?

Bubble Soccer is very popular among corporate team building, bachelor parties, kids birthday parties or even just a simple gathering. Furthermore, the game can be played by both children and adults too! However, we do not recommend the game for anyone with heart, back, neck injuries and pregnant ladies.

Are the Bubble Suits Smelly?

Not at all! The bubble suits are sanitized in between each game and Bubble Bump Singapore is the only company in Singapore with sweat proof straps. Besides, our bubbles are frequently maintained to ensure a safe and clean experience for our clients too!

What is included in a standard Package?

  • 2 Professionally Trained Facilitators

  • 5 Red & 5 Blue Bubble Suits

  • Soccer Ball

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